Yanukovych was deprived of money and was removed from the wanted list: week

The Verkhovna Rada urgently need to get back to work. Because in its absence, the most popular figure in the country suddenly turned out to be Viktor Yanukovych. About the former President said all week. However, mostly law enforcement officers and the courts.

First, ua blasted the news about one and a half billions of dollars belonging to Yanukovych, which the court decision was requisitioned and transferred to the state budget. Because for the first time after the victory of Maidan are talking about a substantial amount belonging to the “former” and not divided “present”, the message caused an increased interest. True, at first nobody really understood on what grounds withdrew the money and what kind of money are you talking about.

Later it turned out that we are talking about belonged to former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov bonds of internal state loan, which, of course, that doesn’t sound quite as “Yanukovych’s money”. But let’s not just the money and not just Yanukovych, but gave them all the same in the state budget, and, tellingly, without the law of special confiscation.

Also started a long-promised process for treason former President. But started only formally. First start of court moved for dismissal of one of judges, then the new membership is still open by the process, but then closed for further proceedings in connection with the statement of lawyers to intervene in the investigation of the Prosecutor General Yuri Lutsenko. In response yesterday, his office stated that he would require the former President to prison for life. But comments in social networks on this occasion was rather skeptical — from “virtual life” to “virtual bail”.

The skepticism was due to the fact that on the eve of the start of the trial, Interpol aback by a series of statements about withdrawing from the international search almost all previous power — Yanukovych and his family to the former head of his administration Andriy Klyuyev and former Minister of energy Eduard Stavitsky. Apparently, Interpol tired of waiting for evidence from Ukraine as to why all these “former” should look for.

So the week has turned out for former President controversial. On the one hand, he was without money and on trial, with another — is not wanted.

PASSION EXTINGUISHED? In addition to all the news about Yanukovich, it’s been a week of problems with two dates — may day and the anniversary of the tragedy in Odessa House of trade unions on 2 may. Without excesses has not managed either in the first or second day, but overall the passions and may 1 across the country, and on may 2 in Odessa were much lower than a year ago.
The demonstration passed without serious provocations, radicals did not stop to hold a memorial service on the Kulikovo field, and in General there were no major incidents. To explain it a decline in the activity of nationalists and hardline position of power — hard to say. However, the trend for reducing the degree of tension in society, of course, positive. It is important that it was confirmed the 9th of may.

THE LOCAL PRIORITIES. Reducing radical tendencies demonstrated and Council elections United communities held on 30 April. However at the same time they showed a decline in confidence in the all-Ukrainian party projects at all. First place in the elections took “Our land”. It can be added other local projects — “Cherkaschina”, “United center”, “Stability”.

Of all-Ukrainian projects are successful, these elections were only for the “Opposition bloc” and President of “Solidarity”, which, however, also shows increased confidence in the parties in priority to the economy.

DEBT OR SUBSIDY. In society there is a growing understanding that social problems can’t be solved no revolutionary slogans or ideological laws. However, while the roll in the ideology of recent years still makes itself felt, forcing the authorities to go on the new unpopular measures. Such measure was the Cabinet decision on the termination of the calculation of subsidies to those who have arrears for housing and communal services.
From the point of view of law, the decision maybe correct, but from the point of view of social justice is highly controversial. After all, if people have accumulated debt because of the fact that they couldn’t pay even the bills including subsidies, without subsidies, this debt will grow even faster.

THE SOCHI MEETING. International politics this week has not been directly connected with Ukraine, but still revolved around the Ukrainian question. This became evident at the Sochi meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, who in recent days took turns German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Merkel arrived in Sochi on the eve of the start of the campaign in Germany to reiterate its principled position: the sanctions against Russia can be lifted only after the Minsk agreements. What is she willing to contribute.

The complete opposite was the visit of Erdogan. Turkish President of the Ukrainian topics hardly touched, discussed mainly Syria, but the result has been the mutual lifting of sanctions imposed after the annexation of Crimea. The reaction of the foreign Ministry has not yet followed.