What to prepare for the New year: three ideas for holiday sweets (video)

Before the New year remained only three days and it’s time to think about what to eat at the Banquet table. If the main dishes all more or less clear, then over the dessert needs a little work.

Three ideas unusual desserts for the holiday table.

The tree can be not only in the house, but on the table in the video pie. To prepare it you’ll need only three ingredients – puff pastry, Nutella and egg.

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To the kids it was more fun to play in a festive atmosphere, cook them with interesting candy. To cook them you’ll need a Cup of sugar, water, glucose and cake decorations.

If you want something more hearty – prepare dessert on a stick, based on chocolate chip cookies.

If you’re still looking for ideas for decorating your home, you can create your own hands a spectacular decoration for the New year in 5 minutes.