Selection of products for MagaZilla — the best prices on the Internet!

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The optimal way is to select the goods on MagaZilla.


The aggregator of the prices collected offers from over 1,000 stores, search the right product among them is a matter of a few seconds. Find the right thing in several ways:

  • Search bar with pop-up hint will help, if you need a specific type of product, has its full or partial name.
  • The list of categories and subcategories on the main page will be useful in the intuitive search.
  • The selection of the parameters needed if the product needs to meet certain characteristics.
  • A list of similar models — the way to choose the thing with the same parameters, if the required is not available. It’s also a way to find a similar product cheaper.
  • No need to search for and review a variety of sites-shops, if there is MagaZilla. The service will help you to save your time and will share suggestions of trusted partner stores.


    MagaZilla provides a lot of useful information. For each product there is:

    • high-quality image;
    • detailed description;
    • a list of stores to buy;
    • customer reviews;
    • questions and answers on the product;
    • useful links.

    All Packed in a compact and understandable, plus aggregator prices that do not need to understand the features of the display of goods in each store.


    Have MagaZilla there are many useful features that facilitate search and selection of future purchase:

  • A simple comparison. Select multiple items and click “compare”. The service may show a complete list of all features or only what the selected items are different from each other.
  • Search history. You can always find what items you have already viewed.
  • Real reviews. Using icons-smiles you will ever see, how good is considered to be one or the other thing among the users.
  • Honest information. MagaZilla does not sell products, but only informs about prices, properties and conditions of delivery of goods.
  • Great choice. In 17 major categories contain thousands conveniently graded items.
  • With the service selection prices can be beneficial to buy online almost anything: appliances, automotive, climate and digital equipment, accessories and jewellery, products for garden, home, renovation and garden. Also on the list of baby products, gadgets, all for personal transport, sport and tourism goods, and more.

    MagaZilla will help you choose what you need and find the best price!