Swear words make people stronger – the scientists

Even if you are not used to swearing and not doing it as often you can easily hear the swearing from the people around you, whether it’s giggling schoolchildren or grumpy grandparents. Although the curse is nothing more than entertainment for most people, it was discovered that it has medical value, writes likar.info.

For example, the reason for excessive abuse may be traumatic brain injury or depression in the elderly. Also, it may be associated with dementia and encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). Best known, perhaps, is the use of swearing and other taboo phrases is the manifestation of Tourette syndrome.

That is why scientists are showing interest in abuse and its potential physiological effects. As an example, a study published in 2009 showed that the loud negative expression of their feelings improves the ability of participants to endure the pain. Another study in 2011 showed that swearing helps you tolerate cold.

How does it happen? The basic theory is that by arguing, we include a response called “fight or flight”, which, in turn, reduces the sensation of pain.

Swearing increases physical capabilities

In the latter study, devoted to the study of curses, a group of scientists tried to understand the impact that grumpy has on strength and physical stress. Under the leadership of Dr. Richard Stephen, senior lecturer in psychology at the University of Keele (UK), was conducted two phase experiment in the first part of which 29 participants kept a short but intense burst of activity, exercised on a stationary bike. Each participant had two attempts. The first time they were asked to repeat a dirty word, and the second – neutral.

In the second part of the study, 52 participants had to go through an isometric test with the same conditions. Analysis of the data showed that swearing helped to improve test results for both groups.

Swearing improves the ability to endure pain

No matter how amazing did not seem the results of the study, they only confirm the conclusions of the previous experiments. Previously, it was found that swearing makes people more tolerant to pain. A possible reason is that it stimulates the sympathetic nervous system of the body that causes our heart to work faster when we are in danger.

Scientists need to conduct some research in order to study in detail the mechanism of the effect of abuse on our nervous system and physical capabilities.