Can I wash my hair every day and how often you need to comb: six questions about hair care

The condition of the hair and the ability to keep them nice and thick to a ripe old age depends largely on proper care. But with washing, combing and styling tresses continually raises many problems: confused, whipped, drop out, garnaut and fade. About the most common questions about hair care says

Can I wash my hair every day?

Hair becomes dirty because of sebum, styling products, soot and dust. There is a belief that frequent washing only aggravates the situation, making the scalp greasy and the hair weak and dull.

Oily hair can be washed as they get dirty, the main thing – to choose the right shampoo for frequent use. But this should be done gently, not too massaging the skin and not using hot water. However, this does not mean that you should not try to normalize sebum production with the help of special masks, medicinal concoctions and food correction.

If the oiliness of hair is caused exclusively by the physiological hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands, it is enough to correctly care for them. Perhaps fat is one of the manifestations of the disease of the scalp.

Why bad hair dye?

Staining actually affects the structure of the hair, but its harm depends on the type of dye. Visible damage to the locks bring cheap ammonia paint with a high amount of dye, although they can provide resistant saturated color.

Lightening hair is also hard to call harmless: the oxidizing agent penetrates into the middle layer of the hair, destroying not only the color pigment, but also the structures necessary to give the hair volume and a smooth texture. The longer effect of the oxidant on the hair, the more they suffer.

Cheap henna from the supermarket also will not make the hair healthy. Moreover, finally it cannot be washed away, and this is especially noticeable when changing colors: to lighten hair after henna will need several treatments of oxidation, which literally destroys the hair structure.

Paint without ammonia is more gentle, make the hair soft and shiny, but have a number of drawbacks. They do not give such bright tones as their ammonium counterparts, are better suited for brown hair and blondes are quickly washed out and are more expensive.

Where does dandruff?

Dandruff is a flaking of scales of skin. It is considered a symptom of seborrheic dermatitis. Dandruff appears due to improper production of sebum, fungus, heredity and metabolic disorders. Often these factors operate in an integrated manner.

If you experience dandruff, you need to understand that store-bought shampoos do not treat, and relieve symptoms. To get rid of the problem can help a trichologist, appointing anti-fungal shampoo and lotion, drugs that normalize fat metabolism and vitamin complexes. You may also need the advice of the gastroenterologist and immunologist, because dandruff also occurs when a weakened immunity.

How to safely curl or straighten your hair?

Many women don’t want to curl or straighten the hair, for fear that they will turn into a “loofah”. Indeed, means changing the texture of the hair, can not affect their status. However, the harm this procedure can be reduced to the minimum:

– Choose the modern tongs and Curling irons with ceramic or tourmaline coating, but do not use them every day;

– Before Curling apply on the hair a special protective agent;

– Saivite and straighten only clean dry hair with no gel and varnish, heat which is not recommended.

Is it harmful to dry your hair?

Daily exposure to hot dry air on the hair and scalp not too good impact on their health, so use a hair dryer preferably as little as possible. If you can’t live without it, make laying by the rules:

During drying, the hair should be slightly damp, but not wet;

– Drying the hair is better in “cold” mode;

– Try to direct the airflow from roots to ends. So hair will be less fluffy;

– Keep the Hairdryer at a distance of 10-15 cm from hair;

– Do not apply heat mousses and foams on the scalp as it can cause itching, redness and other Allergy symptoms.

How often should I comb?

There is a myth that frequent brushing damages the hair and leads to hair loss. It is not so: you need to comb at least twice a day. This will help to improve the blood circulation of the scalp, normalize the production of sebum and strengthen the hair roots.

It is best to use massage brush with few teeth. Combing should be gentle and careful, trying not to damage tangled hair.