Cunning plan of Putin was blown away

Another cunning Putin’s plan — in this case with the us elections — was blown away. Plum, through independent information strip Wikileaks of a dubious Hillary Clinton’s use of personal e-mail was started from two simple considerations: to discredit her before the election — again. Then when she does win (what little doubt) to discredit the procedure itself, along with “their vaunted democracy” or two.

Suddenly the plan was overfulfilled: trump take it, and win. “The vaunted democracy” demonstrated viability, therefore in the TV hurdy-gurdy had to change the record. Kremlin strategists experienced rapid, but transient euphoria. Look to: they are able to influence the outcome of American elections! Yes, clintonesque plum played a role — although it is difficult to say how significant: Hillary and too many annoyances.

The second reason for the enthusiasm: trump, knowing about the participation of the Kremlin and fear of disclosure, will be more pliable on the issue of sanctions. Verbanuli kid!

Alas, compromising effective only while lying in the daddy and about his owner, Yes the object of blackmail. “Keep a bullet in the muzzle” — taught Generalissimo Suvorov. Unfortunately for trump, and the Kremlin strategists, their vaunted democracy, including the independent press, the courts and the opposition, and it worked better than expected.

Data about the involvement of Russian secret services, together with data about the Kremlin dossier surfaced, and compromising wasted bullet rolled from the barrel. Worse, the situation has turned 180 degrees: now trump to prove independence from the Kremlin to save face, forced to demonstrate more stringent than the Obama position. But the rating still dropped to a level unprecedented for svezheizbranny presidents. Usually the first year of the new chief has increased the popularity rating of hope. Due to the exposed manipulation of the President trump lost this quiet joy — thank you Lubyanka smart strategists with their Cunning Plan.

The habit to draw Sly the victorious plans that pumped up the Patriotic rating, in reality, only leads to further isolation

Russia’s international prestige took another hit — it turns out that was a lot. Moreover, pop-up stories about the coup in Montenegro, the intervention in the French elections, is approaching publication of the report on the downed in Donbas “Boeing”. Loyal to the grave deputies of the flow to Lithuania. Well, or the Ukraine. Know manage to turn. There’s even a seasoned professional like Churkin, may overstrain our sincere condolences.

At Home couch connoisseurs of Putin’s cunning plan is slowly immersed into a state of cognitive dissonance (translated into Russian — in a strange feast hangover), though I try not to overreact and to be brave. In their view it means to be rude, more arrogant and fervently. Well, we wish them new successes. It is only necessary to keep in mind that along with the tail there is the nose; keep both above water harder. Especially when stuck all four paws.

The window of opportunity in U.S.-Russian relations, drawn in their boiling imagination, closed, not having opened. This dramatically changes the situation. In the hope trump recruited by the Kremlin for two to three months, he tried to show respectability in order not to frighten meaty pie in the sky for the familiar rumbling pleasures with Patriotic Tits.

Alas, drawn in the closet Pope Carlo crane (Sterkh, or what?) went through the painted window and disappeared behind the painted horizon. Permanently, as shown by the same mischievous hand a bright Communist future. There is nothing to lose or to be embarrassed too.

…But the corridor is markedly narrowed and the wall, where it ends close.

Instead of the failed American cunning plan has to entertain a population of less than fresh, but is also Cunning plan of Novorossiysk. Recently Dmitry Peskov said about the impossibility of recognition of the particular rights of the inhabitants of the DNI and LC, as it contradicts the Minsk agreements. Months had passed — and here please: Vladimir Putin signed the document on passports. Mr. Sands, of course, explains that this is purely a humanitarian act, with the Minsk agreements did not contrary.

The picture is delightful in all respects. The originality of the approach, first, is that documents officially recognized, and the issuing Republic, no. This world, it seems, has not yet happened; Putin has historical precedence.

Secondly, once again shows the virtuality Cunning plan: Donbass residents benefit from the new passports is purely symbolic. Due to the recession the need for new workers the hands of Russia. The real benefits from the point of view of job search (and now people) the passport does not give. Remains to experience the deep sense of spiritual fulfillment.

Third, the apparent half-heartedness: to recognize the self-proclaimed Republic, and thus to substitute a new cycle of sanctions in the Kremlin is not ready. Residents LNR-DNR offer to enjoy a new Burgundy books and maybe put them on this morning for a sandwich. But not for long — not to zamisliti. Approximately, as in Transnistria or Abkhazia.

However, offer a legal perspective to receive the extra three to four million votes for Putin in the presidential election: left to make another small step to recognize these passports are valid for voting. I wonder, would the Kremlin on this? Lose nothing anyway, and the temptation is great: no one but a Carpenter’s and Zakharchenko, control the actual number of voters and the results “will” will not. But these two characters know their business are bad, not worse, Ramzan Kadyrov. As necessary, and as will be seen.

Unfortunately it all again the winnings from the number of heaven. As for practice, it is easy to foresee the deterioration of the situation within the Union state of Russia and Belarus — which in itself is also very virtual. Real Lukashenka concerned about his real sovereignty, passports refuses to admit. And how now to be with the border? If the person with the document DNI arrives in Russia, then, according to the laws of the Union state, he has the right to move freely and Belarus, too. But de facto it there illegal!

Consequently, the need to tighten border control. Although the border, if you believe the TV-storytellers, long had to disappear altogether. After all, brothers! Grandfathers fought and all… In fact, the virtual tail (or nose?), raised in the Donbass, leads to tangible difficulties for citizens of Russia and Belarus at the opposite end of a single, indivisible and powerful fraternal space. We all know the trajectory of the Scoop.

The habit to draw sly the victorious plans that pumped up the Patriotic rating, in reality, only leads to further isolation, bad relations with its neighbors (Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, the Baltic States — is now in the queue and Belarus), economic backwardness and division of the “Russian world”, in whose name everything is as it was conceived. It is logical and inevitable for Soviet revenge, which we all experience.

Scoop is also mainly existed in propaganda heaven. It was there under the leadership of the party and the government it confident gait went from victory to victory. The election showed national support indestructible bloc of Communists and non-party, attracted the thoughts of all people of good will and gave a crushing rebuff their vaunted democracy — besides permanently immersed in the General crisis of capitalism.

Until suddenly — Oh! — has not collapsed from an accidental meeting with mundane reality. Painfully having hit, and not only the nose and tail, but all the other parts of the body. Only the victorious brain remained intact. Probably because the Stalinist cast of virtual iron.