Influential people of Serbia

The editor of Sputnik Serbia Ljubinko Milincic (Ljubinka Milincic) for the second year in a row included in the list of the most influential people in Serbia, compiled the most widely read daily newspaper in this country, “Blic”. This rating is in addition to the head of the Sputnik got the seven heads of the national media. Immediately followed by the current speaker of the Serbian Parliament Maya gojkovic (Maja Gojkovic) and former President of the Republic of Serbia Boris tadić (Boris Tadic). First place in the ranking took the President-elect of Serbia Alexander Vucic.


Lyubinka Milincic editor — in-chief of the Agency Sputnik in the Serbian language, which in its two years of existence, has become one of the most influential media in Serbia. She says: “the wording of Sputnik was able to show the public an alternative perspective on international politics in the world. Only in 2016, we launched four new radio programs on socially significant issues”.