The Portuguese Communists and Chechnya: Good Bye Lenin!

The Portuguese Parliament adopted a resolution, the vote on which deserve unanimity: in a sign of solidarity with homosexuals from Chechnya, who, according to the testimony of victims and to Russian human rights groups and Amnesty International, were arrested and held captive in the old barracks of Argun, where they are subjected to torture and beatings. Stating that there is no evidence of the existence of these camps — apparently believing that the revelations made by these organizations can be about Portuguese Communist party (PCP) abstained from voting. Apparently, Putin has neither confirmed this information. I will continue to closely monitor other voting related to the revelations of other abuse in order to understand whether to expect a Communist official confirmation from the rapists.

However the PCP does not need much. It was enough to hear the words of Ramzan Kadyrov, a puppet ruler of Chechnya: “it is Impossible to detain and harass someone simply not in the Republic. If in Chechnya were people, law enforcement would not have any worries with them, as relatives would have sent them to the address from which no one returns”. This PCP is enough or not at all?

Historically the fight against homophobia has never served as an engine of Communist parties. Which is natural. Their position, finding wide support in the common people, as a rule, reproduced many of the prevailing prejudices. Or because people’s support is not the same, either because the PCP has made political efforts to change their own culture, today the Communists along with other left-wing parties and the increasing number of supporters on the right are on the front lines of the fight against discrimination based on sexual orientation. With the exception of those cases when we are talking about the notorious solidarity with friendly regimes.

It baffles me. If PCP was embarrassed when she had to defend the fragile foundations of the Communist regimes, thereby jeopardizing its reputation, it is still more strange to see how she was doing it for the pure inertia. Although Putin is a former KGB officer, his policies are the opposite of the line PCP. It is clearly much closer to MS Le Pen or Mr trump.

Even “solidarity with the brotherly countries” is not able to justify a decision to refrain from voting, intended to condemn the obvious persecution of homosexuals in Chechnya — she looks like a pathetic excuse. Need someone finally came outside to Soeiro Pereira Gomes (in the headquarters of the PCP — approx.TRANS.) and warned them that communism in Russia ended. The need to protect all that they do is starting to resemble the script of the film Good Bye Lenin!