When the trump will come to us in Moscow? He promised!

In a talk show on Russian television many leaders and participants tend to think that all this is a bit like the old days, when the Soviet Union really feared and possibly respected in the West. That Russian is again on the agenda of high politics that they must be reckoned with.

And this at a time when President Vladimir Putin and foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov fails to hide the fact that they to some frustration — as in connection with the “Russia-gate”, and in connection with other points.

A well-known journalist with NBC Megan Kelly (Megyn Kelly) recently asked Putin at the International economic forum in St. Petersburg, why Russia interferes in the internal Affairs of the United States. She claimed also that the American intelligence services agree that the evidence points to Russia and Putin.


First, the President sat quietly and listened to the translation into Russian language. Then he tore off his headphones and answered irritably that he and trump have not yet met that whole “Russia-gate” — a manifestation of hysteria, and then began to talk about Russophobia — that the Russians are accused of all mortal sins.

If there was someone who interfered in the elections in other countries, and it is possible to prove, that it was the United States, Putin said.

Russian looking forward to when Donald trump will be the American President. But now they begin to be impatient. Because of what happens in reality?

Will there be an end to the economic sanctions? It was also about this question… At the end of last week us media reported that perhaps the time has come, and the Secretary of state Rex Tillerson said that he could, and eased sanctions to improve U.S.-Russian cooperation. But Finance Minister Steven Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin) said recently that while talk about these plans, so it is obvious that the tramp is not yet able to agree with itself.

The Russians

What do you think on a particular issue Putin and his team also understand not always easy.

During the election campaign in the United States Donald trump in the Russian media presented as a hope for Russia, that is why they are experiencing some uncertainty right now: what do they think? He was at the helm for six months, and nothing happened.

Putin gave an interview to the American film Director Oliver stone. There he put it this way:

“We like President trump, we still like him because he has publicly stated that he is ready to restore us-Russian relations”.

Much is not clear

“He speaks for the restoration of economic relations, of the common struggle against terrorism. What’s wrong with that?” — said Putin.

During the election campaign, trump talked about his desire to work more closely with the Russians, he complained about the cooling of relations between Moscow and Washington under Obama.

But it’s still not clear how Russian, supposedly, influenced the American presidential campaign and how close were the links between close to the Trump people and influential Russian.

And all the time there is something wrong. For example, when trump two weeks ago, fell to Cuba. The Russian foreign Ministry in its statement called the new U.S. policy towards Cuba rhetoric of the cold war.

On the rack

It is clear that the Kremlin seems that trump hurts them. They believe that demonstrated interest in cooperating with the Americans in a number of areas, particularly on Syria, and Putin believes that he — for many years, long before the authorities came to the trump were looking for American support in the fight against terrorism.

This week, however, the same Putin explicitly stated that he believes that the United States supported the Chechen terrorists, which they are usually called libertarians — even after it became known that they had close contacts with Islamist extremist groups in other regions of the world.

But that was before the Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, and everything else that contributed to the fact that relations between Moscow and the West has clearly deteriorated in 2014 and remain tense.

Relied on trump

So, the Russians hoped that the new us President is going to change that. That Russia again will be in decent society. Putin reiterated this the other day when asked about the possible solutions for Syria and Ukraine: “I Want to be heard”.

But many Russians begin to show impatience with the American President. As the person who managed to get on the phone when Putin on Friday (so in the original article — ed.ed.) a week and a half ago, held its “annual session of phone questions and answers” for ordinary Russians. The truth is, the question to the President himself never made it, but was shown by many TV channels: “When the trump will come to us in Moscow? He promised!”


Ole-Jørgen Moen

United States have the right to be unhappy IF Russia interfered in the election campaign. But they have to be ready to hear that the US itself will give anyone a hundred points ahead, with regard to interference in the internal Affairs of other countries. Here Putin is right.

Håkon Helgesen

Putin bought trump as the us President. Hoping to have a puppet in the White house. Instead, they got a tough guy. Which speaks against the Kremlin. Putin has bought a pig in a poke.