Where does the Europeans ‘ new social movement “Pulse of Europe”?

Launched in Germany, the civil initiative “the Pulse of Europe,” mobilized tens of thousands of people in different EU countries. But, critics say, is only to wave flags of the EU is not enough.

And what you usually do on Sunday afternoon? Among the urban intelligentsia in Germany has now become a sign of good manners on Sundays at 14 o’clock to go to the Pro-European demonstrations. Waving blue flags with stars to line up in a human chain under sounds of the anthem of the European Union or even to spontaneously declare his love for the EU open MIC at the Central city areas. Such actions are called “Pulse of Europe” have become a ritual in many cities of the country.

Up to 100 European cities

Civil initiative “Pulse of Europe” will undoubtedly attract many of those who welcomed the unity of the EU and does not want the format of civil protest exclusively associated with right-wing populists from the party “Alternative for Germany” (ADH) or the anti-Islam movement Pegida. From the beginning of 2017, thousands of people in 70 cities in Germany and also in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam and about 20 European cities come to street actions in support of the European Union.

It all started with an idea a couple of lawyers from Frankfurt, stunned by the results of the referendum on the British exit from the EU and the coming to power in the United States Donald trump. “What had seemed impossible suddenly became a reality”, say the founders of the “Pulse of Europe”. However, the more people take to the streets together with them, the clearer the question becomes: what they actually want? What specifically wants to influence the “Pulse of Europe”?

Critics do not see specific goals

This question was asked and the Austrian political scientist Ulrike hero. Lecturer in European policy and researcher for the democratic processes of the Danube University of Krems in the province of lower Austria believes that essentially the “Pulse of Europe” is a positive signal. At the same time, Gero said in an interview with DW, the main provisions of the initiative was too vague and lacked specifics.

Thus, among the items of the programme of the movement, outlined on his website, you see the following: “the EU must not fall apart”, “We are responsible”, “We need reform”, the “European freedom is inviolable” and other common phrases they agree with many Europeans.

The problem lies in the fact, the analyst believes that it is not enough just to defend European values such as democracy and freedom. The adoption of the European Union the way it is now, is a kind of “grandfather clause”, i.e. a guarantee of pohudeniya conditions for privileged categories of citizens, explains Ulrike hero. “But if the EU everything worked as it should, then you wouldn’t have to go out on street actions,” says Austrian political scientist.

The following “souffle” after Occupy

Specific goals of this initiative does not see the researcher protest movements Kraushar Wolfgang (Wolfgang Kraushaar) of the Hamburg Institute for social research. “Pulse of Europe” in danger of becoming “souffle”, which at some point just fall off,” says Kraushar. According to him, the movement rose in the Wake of General encouragement, however, the initiative is hardly able to really integrate into the political process. In the end, it waits for the fate of the anti-globalization of the Occupy movement, which died out.

To rely on the inexhaustible enthusiasm of the participants of street actions is unrealistic, warns Kraushar. Probably at the moment the struggle for the post of the President of France head of the far-right National front, marine Le Pen and the prospect of entering the Bundestag ADH are sufficient motivation for the Pro-European citizens. And what will happen then?

Emotional high despite the flaws

“Our program has deliberately been drafted widely enough, — explained in an interview with news television program, Tagesschau Stefanie Hartung (Hartung Stefanie) from the team of founders of the “Pulse of Europe”. — We inspire people in General to think about Europe. It is not vague but is very important”.

A political scientist from Bonn Kuhnhardt Ludger (Ludger Kühnhardt), who heads the research Center of European integration, sees no gaps in the content of the program and believes “the Pulse of Europe” the right initiative. “People in Europe already it was high time to oppose the current low morale. Such statements lead to the fact that the European idea is starting to cause people’s emotions,” he says. According to the scientist, the initiative of the “Pulse of Europe” managed to achieve this emotional upheaval.

Indeed, it appears that the participants in the Sunday stock admire the European Union, who for many years exclusively a ridiculed, calling it a bureaucratic monster. A simple formula, “be in the EU” every Sunday brings more people to Central square in a growing number of cities.

We need a new democratic Foundation

Is the “Pulse of Europe” only a temporary fit, or will it evolve into a full-fledged social movement, experts predict not solved. Ulrike hero believes that without a specific political agenda, the initiative will soon come to naught. The analyst invites the activists to put forward the requirement of “equal rights for all EU citizens”.

This idea is the General principle of equality, which would act in the field of taxation, suffrage, and social benefits across the EU. The EU needs a new democratic Foundation, emphasizes Austrian expert.

If it works, the “Pulse of Europe” could give society a push necessary EU reforms. “After all, before the policy was drift, when it came to discussions related to the EU — like hero. At least now they have to deal with it”.