Zuckerberg came in unexpectedly on a visit to an ordinary family

The founder of social network Facebook mark Zuckerberg has decided to go on a visit to an ordinary family from Ohio (USA) who voted in the presidential election Donald trump, reports the BBC Russian service.

It is noted that the billionaire has expressed a desire to meet with the family, which changed their political views and voted in the last election for the Republican, which had previously supported the Democrats, particularly Barack Obama.

So, employees Zuckerberg found a family of Moores from Ohio. Daniel and his wife Lisa learned of the arrival to him of such an important guest in just 15 minutes. Prior to the visit of Zuckerberg Moore was only said that it would be coming to dinner, “a very wealthy philanthropist from California, whose product is used by 90% of Americans.”

So, Zuckerberg and family Moores discussed the policy and philanthropy: a family helps to an orphanage in Uganda. Zuckerberg, who has repeatedly said that he intends to give to charity at least $ 45 billion, suggested Muram to help with fundraising.

After dinner, the billionaire wrote on his page on “Facebook”, which has 89 million followers: “Just arrived in Ohio. Thank you Dan and Lisa Moore for the warm welcome and lovely dinner!”. Daniel Moore was forced to wait with the answer: “Thank you for coming, mark. You are incredible man!”

Further, the billionaire went to Indiana, where he attended the local firefighters.

Photo: facebook.com/zuck