The Kremlin responded to reports that Fillon earned on Putin

The message that the candidate in presidents of France Francois Fillon reward organized for Lebanese billionaire Fouad Makhzoumi and Director General of Total Patrick Pouyanne meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, is untrue, said on Wednesday the press-Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“We’ve seen these media reports. To be honest, they look like regular fake, what we call in English fake news”, – he said, “for the meetings of the President, they are organized by the Protocol of the President, and here, too, excluded the role of any intermediaries,” added the spokesman.

Speaking about the Total company, the press Secretary of the President said that she has long been working in Russia, Russian President Putin has a business relationship with its leaders.

“The company, which is present in our market, definitely do not need any intermediaries to arrange a meeting with the President, therefore, quite absurd to say that someone has organized,” – said Peskov in this regard.

As for the Lebanese billionaire Makhzumi, according to Peskov, at the St. Petersburg international forum, where according to media reports and passed the meeting, Putin “on his feet” and on the sidelines of the talks and is photographed with a large number of entrepreneurs. “It does not require any mediation, and all this is absolutely what is called “legs” on the run”, he said.

Earlier French publication Canard Enchaine reported that the candidate in presidents of France, former Prime Minister Francois Fillon allegedly received 50 thousand dollars. from the Lebanese businessman-billionaire Fouad Makhzoumi for organizing the meeting with Putin in 2015 on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg international economic forum. The newspaper published a fragment of a photocopy of the agreement between the French and Lebanese companies, which is a signature of Fillon.