The experts explained what kind of housing will be in demand after quarantine

Up to half of all of the purchased apartments will be investments to preserve capital.

In Ukraine two months continues, the quarantine associated with the pandemic coronavirus. Although the economy and business suffered serious impact, the situation almost has not affected the real estate market. What kind of housing will be in demand after quarantine – this is referred to in the author’s article on the website Today.”

Alexander Azarov, project Manager Rusaniv Residence, predicts that after the quarantine, the demand will concentrate on the objects of the new formats, and one-bedroom apartments.

“It is expected that more than 70% of all sales will be in a Studio apartment area of 50 m2. Location: to date the main conditions for the successful location is considered good transport links and the opportunity for a minimum period of time to get to the city centre. Also the presence of already established infrastructure in the building site and, of course, recreation features: LCD close proximity to parks, rivers, lakes, forests will be most in demand among buyers,” says Azarov.

Angelica Sahakian, Director of marketing for Polaris multifunction LCD Home&Plaza, adds that after the end of the quarantine during the month will see a gradual increase in sales.

“Presumably, up to 50% of all purchased apartments will be an investment transaction with the purpose to save money. That is a special buyer’s attention will be focused on the objects of new formats in the initial stages of construction, when the starting price is the most acceptable and promises the buyer’s income to 25% per year. If we talk about what will be bought, first of all, this is a Studio apartment with an area of 35-46 m2. This one-bedroom apartments are the most sought-after commodity”, – said Sahakyan.

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Also recall that with the real estate market should go the company-gaskets, earning the intermediation in the sale of the property: