Ten foods that harm beauty

Health and beauty depend on the supply. Or rather from products that we include in your daily diet. Healthy foods give us health and beauty, but harmful, threat, respectively — an unhealthy appearance.

We offer you a list of products, their only 10, abandoning or reducing their use to a minimum, you will feel more energetic and will look beautifully, says Lisa.

1. Sugar refined. It is found in many industrial products. Such as packaged fruit juices, carbonated beverages, fortified wine, cakes, sweets, waffles, ice cream.

2. Potatoes. Useful only potatoes and only baked. In late winter and spring of last year, the potato becomes toxic. In addition, it contains a lot of starch.

3. Bakery productsmade from white flour, white bread, buns, pies, pasta from soft wheat varieties. You should only eat whole wheat bread or flour, and that — not freshly baked, and yesterday, or dried.

4. Polished rice. It contains a lot of starchy substances that negatively affect the condition of the figure. Ideally, you can replace white rice brown untreated. But it is much more expensive, so to completely abandon rice is not worth it. You can reduce the consumption to 2 servings a week.

5. Cereals and quick-cooking cereals, quick breakfasts. They contain “empty” carbohydrates, which briefly create a feeling of fullness. But also contribute to fat deposition.

6. Rich beef and chicken broths. They are poorly absorbed by the digestive system of modern man, therefore, can aggravate diseases of the digestive tract.

7. Fatty meats, fish, bacon, sausages, and any other fatty foods. They not just get to lose weight, but also undermine the health of the liver and the whole organism.

8. Sprats, smoked fish, smoked meat and sausage, all canned foods, including vegetables. In sprats contains a dangerous substance benzopyrene. It is a carcinogen formed when Smoking. It gives the famous sprats smell and taste, which appreciated by gourmets. Canned vegetables contain a lot of salt and vinegar.

9. Margarines and spreads. These products contain animal and vegetable fats that have undergone hydrogenation. Hydrogenation of vegetable oils contributes to the formation of TRANS fats, harmful to human body. TRANS fats cause cardiovascular disease. Cakes using margarine or palm oil also contains harmful amounts of TRANS fats.

9. Mayonnaise, including those marked “Lite”. Learn how to prepare homemade mayonnaise: it will be a lot more and dishes tastier.

10. Fast food, chips, crackers with flavors, salted nuts and any other “fast food”. It contains carcinogens, the excess amount of salt.