“Trump has been more unpredictable than Putin”, – the American expert about one hundred days of the President of the United States

From Donald trump for President of the United States all the expected Pro-Russian and anti-NATO policy. In contrast, trump is skeptical about Russia positively to NATO, this means that the attitude to Ukraine will be positive. About this, commenting on “Today,” the first 100 days of Donald trump as President of the United States, said Professor of political science at Rutgers University in Newark (new Jersey) Alexander Motyl.

“My impressions (of the presidency of the trump – Ed.) same as a couple of months ago. Trump is unpredictable, incompetent, ignorant, narcissistic. The only good that his incompetence was a barrier for his radicalism. So, he still did virtually nothing. Disappointment is there, especially among his supporters, who had expected the new policy, a radical change, and got nothing. Among his opponents there was concern: was expecting the worst, got the bad,” – said the analyst.

As for international policy, here, according to Motyl, there is a definite positive. “Everyone was expecting a Pro-Russian, anti-NATO policy. In contrast, trump is skeptical about Russia positively to NATO, this means that the attitude to Ukraine will be positive. (Traditionally, when American relations with Russia good, Ukraine recedes into the background. When it is bad, Ukraine is becoming an American ally). The violence in Syria, Afghanistan, possibly Korea stressed the unpredictability of trump. This is useful in U.S. relations with Russia, because trump has been even more unpredictable than Putin himself. And the so-called Putin’s success depended on the fact that the West was predictable, but Putin broke the rules of the game. Now Putin has a tough side that are also willing to break the rules of the game. It will end is hard to say, but in General, this condition is positive for Ukraine”, – says Alexander Motyl.

But the incompetence of the tramp led to the fact that the new US Administration was unprepared to international relations, there is no strategy, no tactics (except that the United States should be great), suggests the analyst. “In such circumstances it is difficult to select a more focused team, which would assign a wider. Moreover, civil strife in the team more narrow – Bannon (Steve Bannon, Councilman trump – Ed.)
against all, the son-in-law (Jared Kushner, a senior adviser to trump – Ed.) against’bannon, Ivanka (trump’s daughter married Kushner – Ed.) in an uncertain role, professionals against Amateurs,” said Alexander Motyl.

According to the analyst, the only thing we saw was the appointment of Gorsuch to the Supreme court. One of the nine seats on the Supreme court was released almost a year ago in connection with the death of a conservative judge Antonin Scalia, who held his post for over 30 years. Neil Gorsuch graduated with honors from Columbia University and was a fellow in Harvard and Oxford universities. Was the assistant to two Supreme court justices – Byron white and Anthony Kennedy. Considered a favorite of the conservative movement. In 2013 he supported the initiative to grant private companies the rights for religious reasons does not fulfil the requirements of the affordable care act to provide insurance covering contraception for women.

Recall that the inauguration of the newly elected U.S. President Donald trump was held on 20 January 2017. The first 100 days trump in post falls on April 29.