What happens to the body and psyche liars: scientists gave a surprising answer

Researchers say that lying hurts your health, regardless of whether well-intentioned or not. Most people tend to tell “white lies” to avoid hurting the feelings of others, reports The Daily Mail.

In the experiment, the researchers looked at the lie and how it affects daily life.

As it turned out, no matter for what reason lie people, a lie is almost always detrimental to physical and mental health.

Scientists found that compassion towards someone increases the likelihood that he will lie.


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The organizers of an incredible experiment studied 110 people during the 10-week period. The age of participants ranged from 18 to 71 years. Half the group was instructed not to lie during the full 10 weeks, while another group had no specific instructions and act in everyday life.

The researchers found that people in the “fair” group was physically and mentally happier than “normal”. Participants from the first group also reported improvements in their personal relationships for 10 weeks and improved social interactions.

Despite the good purposes which you pursue, the researchers do not recommend that you lie in order to maintain both physical and mental health.