Study: a liter of beer relieves pain better than paracetamol

Medical studies have shown that the alcohol content in the blood, which corresponds approximately to drinking a liter of beer, relieves pain better than some painkillers and a quarter reduces discomfort, reports TSN.

As the researchers say, after consuming such amounts of alcohol “raise the pain threshold” and decrease the intensity of the pain.

As writes Daily Mail, the article contains 18 studies involving 404 participants with chronic pain. There have been 13 comparative benchmarks for measuring the pain threshold, which was used as the alcohol and non-alcoholic painkillers.

“Studies show that alcohol is an effective analgesic that provides a clinically proven reduction in pain intensity. This in particular explains alcohol abuse in people who have persistent pain, despite its potential consequences for health,” the study says.

Now researchers have aimed to find out whether alcohol reduces anxiety because the onset of pain that causes discomfort, and is an analgesic effect by blocking pain through its effects on receptors in the brain.

“Alcohol can be compared with opiates such as codeine, painkiller and he is better than paracetamol. If we can make a cure without harmful side effects, then we will have better treatment than we have today,” says one of the study participants, Dr. Trevor Thompson.

At the same time, a colleague of Thompson Rosanna O’connor warns against the overuse of alcoholic anesthesia, because in the long term, alcohol can damage the health much more.