Why while running pain in my side

Most often, the pain in my side while running is not a sign of disease. Nasty stabbing feeling in his side occurs in inexperienced runners, due to a sharp inflow of blood to the liver and spleen. Ideally, the blood should flow to working muscles, but a bad or too rapid a rate due to its irregular distribution. As a result, the abdominal organs are filled with blood and begin to put pressure on their own capsule shells, in which very many nerve endings. If the blood flows to the liver, you feel a sharp pain in his right side, and if the spleen – pain in the left side, writes likar.info.

If you are confident, they started training properly, but in my side still hurts, have to visit the gastroenterologist: discomfort may be associated with diseases of the liver and biliary tract, pancreas or gall bladder. Typically, these patients have flank pain occurs at rest, but increases during a run or other physical activity.

What if during the run a pain in my side

Flank pain suggests that the blood rushes away from your internal organs has not kept pace with inflow. The most logical way to get rid of pain in the side will break. But we should not stop abruptly: the body doesn’t like surprises. Go on a step, take a deep breath and exhale, soft circular movements massage the sore spot, and your bodies will be easier to overtake the accumulated blood. Stopping, bend forward, pull your stomach, and then take a few tilts left-right: it will take away the pain.

How to avoid pain when running

The three pillars of a successful jog – a proper diet, correct the tempo, and synchronization of breathing with a frequency of steps.

– Can’t eat too much directly before exercise. This is especially true of fatty foods and foods rich in fiber. They are digested for a long time, and can “bite” you in the side even after 1.5 – 2 hours after a meal. Best for intense physical exertion suitable carbohydrates: they are quickly digested and provide the necessary energy.

In the beginning of the training the pace should be moderate, and only then you can accelerate. Beginners often do the opposite: the first couple of minutes are rushing headlong, and then clutching his side and instantly lose the desire to play sports. To warm up your body and prepare it to run, get a good workout. By the way, it will protect you from sprains and ruptures of the tendons, making them more elastic.

– Intermittent shortness of breath – the enemy runner and one of the main reasons a pain in my side. Try to do one breath for every three or four steps and exhale for two. At first you have to consider, but over time you will learn to breathe easily and evenly. If running in company with others, don’t talk. Keep your backs straight so as not to constrict the diaphragm.