Russian-Japanese consultations should result in the development of territorial negotiations

After three years and four months in Tokyo completed the Russian-Japanese consultations of Ministers of defence and foreign Affairs (“2+2”). Russia continues to take a tough stance on the issue of “Northern territories,” but Tokyo must come to the development of territorial negotiations, by dialogue in various spheres, including security.

Russia justifies the military buildup

The consultations were attended by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Japan Fumio Kishida (Fumio Kishida) and Japan’s defense Minister Tomomi Inada (Inada Tomomi) and the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu and the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Commenting on nuclear and missile development of North Korea, they demanded to abandon further provocative actions and adhere strictly to the resolutions of the UN Security Council. The parties also agreed to cooperate on the sidelines of various international forums, including the UN.

It is absolutely natural that the Minister Inada criticized the location of the Russia anti-ship missiles on the “Northern territories” and the deployment of a new division in the Kuril Islands, to be held this year. However, the Minister Shoigu justified actions of Russia: “the Russian Border 100% will defend by using different types of weapons”.

The district of “Northern territories” provides Russia an outlet to the Pacific ocean. President Putin, who expressed his intention to strengthen its presence in the Asia-Pacific region, giving these Islands a special importance. However, the “Northern territories” is originally the Japanese island. Tokyo cannot accept the fact that Russia illegally seized the Kuril Islands strengthens the military power in the region. If Russia goes to such action, the parties will be extremely difficult to sign a peace Treaty.

The reason why Russia and Japan held a meeting in the format of “2+2”, is that both States are experiencing concerns about Chinese expansion. Despite this, Moscow and Beijing a United front against the deployment in South Korea, the latest us missile defense system THAAD.

In the dialogue “2+2” the Japanese side explained that ballistic missile defense (BMD) that Japan is developing jointly with the United States aimed at North Korean missiles. In turn, Minister Lavrov pressured, stressing that the location of the BMD and the strengthening of military power in the region does not match the threat posed by North Korea.

You can do a variety of harsh statements against the DPRK, however, such statements sound like the fact that Russia, in fact, protects North Korea.

After the 2014 Ukraine crisis erupted, Russia has not held a single meeting in a format “2+2” with such Western countries as the USA, France, Italy and so on. Dialogue “2+2” in Tokyo means that the Kremlin has shaken the G7 group.

In order to develop the territorial negotiations with Russia, it is important to conduct a dialogue with it in a variety of fields, but you must communicate with the Kremlin, well aware for his own purposes. At the end of April, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe will visit Russia, where he will hold talks with President Putin. The Japanese leader also needs to remember that.

Before the meeting in a format “2+2” Russia and Japan held consultations at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers about the common economic activities of the “Northern territories”.

The Russian side proposed the project of modernization and construction of residential buildings. In turn, Japan has presented projects in the field of farms for the cultivation of sea urchins and scallops, as well as tourism and medicine.

Need crisp approach

With regard to joint business, the focus will be the creation of a “special system” that will not depend on the legislation of Russia and Japan. However the Russian side demands to work according to Russian laws.

Questionable moves, referred to the problem of “Northern territories”, is invalid. However, Japan should not abandon the requirements to return the four Islands. You need to exert maximum efforts for the development of territorial negotiations.