Trump continued to support Le Pen?

Until last Sunday, the us President seemed to support the leader of the National front, but after April 23 — silence. Why?

Trump always eloquent. But last Sunday night, the American President, who usually writes about everything on Twitter, not written a single line about the upcoming duel in the second round in France. And not a word about marine Le Pen, whose tough stance regarding the borders, he bragged in an interview with Reuters. Why is now silent?

Perhaps the President of the United States realized that given its poor image in Europe, particularly in France, public support, Le Pen would be counterproductive. But this is unlikely. It’s hard to imagine that a “winner” Donald trump has made such a calculation. On the other hand, you’d think that foreseeing the defeat of the leader of the NF, trump doesn’t want his name associated with “losing.”

But there are also political reasons. Even if marine Le Pen and shares some ideological positions trump she can be President of the United States a lot of problems. Cooperation between nationalists faced by their national interests. In other words, the motto “America first” bad rhymes called for a “France first”.

So marine Le Pen declares that in the event of her victory, France out of NATO. But trump, in turn, after sharp criticism of NATO, decided in the end to maintain a military organisation in which France plays an important role.

Of course, Trump doesn’t like the EU. He repeatedly said during his election campaign. He even suggested that Theresa may to appoint her friend Nigel Farage, celebrating Brakcet, British Ambassador to the United States. But Fixit is unlikely to please the White house. France’s withdrawal from the EU would mean in the short term the collapse of the European Union, which with great probability will entail economic chaos in the Old world. Such a prospect is absolutely not in the interests of the United States.

And even if trump has a lot in common with the populist Le Pen, he could not help noting that the victory of the Macron in the first round caused a rise in the European and American stock markets. And at this point, the sustainability of courses at the Exchange almost the only positive indicator of his first hundred days of presidency, for which he constantly draws attention. And at the same time, experts warn trump that if he supports the leader of the NF, these figures will fall.

Nevertheless, it is possible that trump will wait a few days to see how changing the results of the polls. If they will change in favor of Le Pen, he can finally decide on its support. At least for my own pleasure.