10 products, which are very hard to refuse

Famous American researcher of eating behavior Nicole Avena has created a list of dishes to abandon the use of which is very difficult. As a rule, products with a high degree of processing and the low content of dietary fiber that slows the digestive process, writes likar.info.

1. Pizza

Pizza – the perfect combination of flour, fat, salt, spices, vegetables and meat. We do not encourage you to completely abandon it (although if you are overweight and you want to deal with this problem, the pizza really is better to forget). In order not to fall into dependence on this dish, you have to follow some rules.

– Eat only pizza from flour;

– The more processed the flour for the pizza – the worse;

– Will be useful to fresh ingredients;

– Put less cheese, as it the most processed and high-calorie;

– If you make pizza at home, then ask more healthy recipes. For example, crispy pizza with cauliflower no worse taste characteristics.

2. Chocolate

You probably know how hard it is to resist the chocolate, especially milk. Because it contains more fats and additional flavoring components, from which you get a treat.

Actually, chocolate is quite healthy for the body. It contains antioxidants and other biologically active substances. But all that is good, in moderation. In order not to fall into dependence on chocolate slabs and bars, only eat bitter dark chocolate. At first it will seem tasteless and too bitter. Will give it a couple of weeks and then you will get used to such chocolate, as the milk will seem cloying and tasteless. In addition, bitter dark chocolate, you many not eat. Thus, you kill two birds with one stone – get pleasure from food and significantly reduce portion.

3. Cookies

Cookie you really should be abandoned. But if the tea is not to drink without him, Nicole Avena urges to bake it yourself, adding nuts, berries, dried fruit, and sugar to replace the honey.

4. Potato chips

Potato chips and other crunchy snacks have a very high degree of processing. There are no useful elements. This is essentially a mixture of simple carbohydrates and fats (at best), plus flavorings, preservatives, salt, monosodium glutamate and other chemical components.

Nicole Avena is not recommended to consume crispy snacks. In extreme cases, it is better to have chips with low salt and no flavor.

5. Ice cream

Not to become a “slave” of ice cream, it is important to observe some rules. Of key importance here plays a portion.

– Don’t buy ice cream in the “family package” – will not even notice, how will eat all;

– Never buy in store. I wanted ice cream? Get up off the couch, get dressed and go to the store.

For adherents of a healthy lifestyle, who love cold desserts, we can recommend the sorbet.

6. Cake

As for cakes and pastries, Nicole Avena in this case recommends just in time to tell yourself “no.” Unfortunately, healthy alternatives such dainty little, so the only way out is to eat them only on special occasions and in small portions.

7. French fries

Potatoes cooked in a deep fryer is one of the most dangerous dishes that people easily fall into addiction. Of course, it is best from a food to give up completely. Without harm to health you can occasionally treat themselves to French fries, and one should consume it in reasonable quantity. The best alternative to fries – baked potatoes which after cooking you can drizzle with olive oil (if you don’t have excess weight, because in this case the dish is high in calories).

8. Burgers

Some fast food restaurants offer mouth-watering burgers so that to abandon them is difficult, especially after you’ve tried it. But the harm of such food not only to its caloric value. Red meat as the main ingredient of the burgers, increases the likelihood of developing bowel cancer, kidney failure and liver diseases. In addition, it increases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.

Nicole Avena says the most important thing is to avoid most processed parts of food. To prepare the Burger at home, using bread from wheat flour, fresh vegetables, herbs, and natural, unprocessed meat. A healthier version of the Burger with poultry or fish.

9. Cereal

The main problem of Breakfast cereals – high in sugar. Nicole Avena suggests that carefully examine the labels. Glazurirovanija cereal is the worst choice as in this Breakfast contains large amounts of sugar. It is recommended to choose a cereal where the sugar content does not exceed 4 grams per serving.

Oatmeal is the best substitute of cereals. For cooking you’ll need a little more time, but instead you get a burst of energy and the absence of problems associated with the use of large amounts of sugar.

10. Chicken fried

This dish is offered by many fast food restaurants. Cooked chicken in batter with spices – the meal from which it is difficult to refuse. Those who are already “hooked” on these foods, Nicole Avena advises to cook this dish at home, or just clean crisp glaze after the first piece.

Note that quick recovery from addictions is not to look. You should totally give yourself a report that sometimes that’s not easy.