Proper rest: the TOP 4 habits of the day that interfere with sleep

A good weekend give you the opportunity to sleep and rest, to relax and to be filled with new forces. But, it often happens that the weekend is over, and rest it wasn’t.

What are the habits of the day can harm health and be detrimental to the dream, writes with reference to the British newspaper the Independent.

Too much sleep

Experts on sleep from the Swedish Karolinska Institutet believe that irregular sleep schedule confuses the natural cycle. Sleep until lunch, long NAPs, or the idea of a NAP in the evening can cause you will not have the “appetite” to normal sleep.

“This does not mean that the output is not further sleep, but not precipice more than 30 minutes from the usual schedule, which you adhere to throughout the week,” advises the publication.

Too much alcohol

This can affect your schedule and sleep quality, in the same way as for full response. One study showed that alcohol, although and helps to fall asleep faster, but has a negative impact on REM sleep later.

Too little physical activity

Many experts still debate the impact of sport just before bedtime. However, studies show that the lack of classes during the weekend, in principle, may really bad to appear in your dream.

So at least on the weekend usually you want to pause, try to allocate time for at least 10-minute workout early in the day or slow yoga in the evening.

Many movies and TV

Lazy watching movies or television shows may seem a good Sunday rest, but too much of this pastime will likely have a negative impact on sleep. Although the body rests, the brain is in constant activity.

Studies have shown that people who have limited access to the television, went to bed early and slept longer. So, you may want to postpone the next episode of your favorite series for another time. Make sure that a few hours before bedtime you are not using your screens and devices with artificial light.