European country with eight thousand mosques

According to the statements of Russian propaganda we Europeans need to be afraid of 3.8% of our Muslims, while in Russia they are today 12-15%.

Do you know in which European country today is home to 16 million Muslims? No, this is not France with its five million and Germany with four and not with three million UK Muslims.

Do you know in which European city is home to 1.5-2 million Muslim residents and, presumably, another two million Muslim immigrants? No, it’s not Paris has 1.5 million Muslims and non-London with one million.

Do you know in which European country eight thousand mosques? If you guessed Russia, you guessed it. The country with the largest number of Muslims and mosques in Europe is Russia. A city with the largest Muslim population in Europe is Moscow. However, if you don’t consider Istanbul a European city, and Turkey is a European country.

Frighten, as Islam will absorb Europe and will forever destroy our traditional values, like some of our Catholic conservatives, Slovak fascists, Nazis and their generous sponsors in Moscow. So you should know how things are with Islam, where does the money on the hysterical campaign “against the Islamization of Slovakia”.

After all, if Muslims and Islam really represent for Europe a serious threat, then Russia, in the words of the classics, today is “the land where tomorrow already means yesterday.”

Possible to know the number of Muslims in Russia and baptized our Communist and chief Islamophobia in the government will understand what a huge threat to the purity of the people and faith is his broad-gauge railway to Bratislava. After all, what if we are on it, in addition of the imaginary Russian goods, will arrive, and Russian Muslims?

Muslim Russia

In 2010, the Moscow mufti complained that his then half a million believers in Moscow, opened only four mosques. Since then, the city moved hundreds of thousands of Muslims, and migrant workers from Central Asia departed. Fortunately, the mosques became one more.

In September 2015 in Moscow brotherly trio that existed then and recently reunited again: Putin, Erdogan and Abbas in a solemn ceremony was opened a new mosque. Millions of Muslims Moscow it will not save, but still its capacity is impressive: her ten thousand places twice the capacity of the St. Elisabeth Cathedral in košice, the largest Christian Church in Slovakia.

Moscow — a metropolis with the largest number of Muslims, but the Moscow region is not densely populated with Muslims. In Chechnya, Ingushetia and Dagestan in the North Caucasus and on the shores of the Caspian sea, the Muslims constitute 90% of the total population and more. In Tatarstan and Bashkortostan, the proportion of Muslims reaches 50%, if not already exceeded this figure.

Recall that the highest concentration of Muslims in the European Union in Bulgaria, where about ten percent. Next is France with seven percent. Overall, the EU — frightening 3,8% of the Muslim population.

A terrible figure. When loyal to the Motherland, and even more Moscow Slovak or Slovak stacks up 0.1% of Muslims living in Slovakia, with the official four percent of homosexuals, they are simply losing sleep.

And then there is uncertainty and discomfort, restless and trembling; and Russian volunteers gather in the woods; and not armed and not too Russified young people crowding in national-socialist circles of Mazurca.

Is it worth to be afraid of Russian?

But back to the Muslim country of Europe. In some European media and sponsored by the Moscow “trellisware” Muslims have long been portrayed and portrayed terrorists as the biggest threat to Europe.

Due to the recent explosion in the subway of St. Petersburg, allegedly committed by 22-year-old Russian citizen of Kyrgyz origin, it is possible to think that terrorism is the biggest risk for Russia, which encompasses a large and rapidly growing Islamic part of the population.

Fears associated with Islamists in Russia are without Foundation. KGB Lieutenant Colonel dragged Russia into religious and ethnic war in Syria, turning, thus, the Russians in a legitimate target for retaliation. In Putin’s war 14 dead in St. Petersburg was not the first: suffice it to recall 219 of the victims of the explosion of the aircraft with tourists flying from Egypt to St. Petersburg and exploded over the Sinai Peninsula in October of 2015, shortly after the start of bombing Syria.

Russian citizens constitute the third largest contingent of militants “Islamic state” (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) and hundreds if not thousands of those who survive, eventually returning to Russia.

The political turn of Putin

However, interpreting the attack in Saint-Petersburg, it is necessary to be careful: many, including such analysts as Garry Kasparov and Andrei Piontkovsky, note that the terrorist act not accident occurred just a week after the mass protests in Russian cities and the arrests that followed the speeches, and at the beginning of the presidential campaign.

Piontkovsky called his commentary on the tragedy, “Putin steps down from power as he entered her”, alluding to the link between the explosions of apartment houses in Buynaksk, Moscow and Volgodonsk in September 1999 and the current terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

Just the explosions of houses in 1999 paved the way to power the then unknown KGB Lieutenant Colonel Putin. According to many, for example, David Satter who expressed their opinion in the book “the Less you know — sleep tight” no were not terrorists, staged the scene of the KGB, to thereby obtain a pretext for the second Chechen war.

To hire a young Kirghiz to deliver packages with unknown contents and remotely blow it up in the subway is not difficult, and it does not require any special skills. Enough courage. The effect of herds at risk, and who rallied around their leader, might succeed.

The fear of terrorist acts in Russia is substantiated. But neither in Europe nor in Russia they do not pose such a big threat, as spoken by politicians and the media.

Recall that in 2016 the EU in terrorist acts were killed about 150 people. And in car accidents killed 26 thousands of Europeans. Due to impurities in the atmosphere from 400 thousand. And for the Russians other things pose a greater risk than terrorist attacks.

Reason to panic

Soon after the inauguration mentioned the Cathedral mosque in Moscow in the summer of 2016 in Moscow was made by the head of North Caucasus Muslims, mufti Ismail Berdiyev, winner of four state awards, awarded by Putin personally, and made a bold idea: “All women should be circumcised below the Earth was not of depravity, and sexuality weakened”.

In Dagestan, female circumcision supposedly already educated, and live there in accordance with the healthy traditions and values — as it should be for the entire Holy Russia. “If circumcision was done to all women, it would be very good. God created women to bear and raise children. And circumcision does not prevent women to give birth”.

Female circumcision, that is circumcision of the clitoris, small, and sometimes of the labia majora of the external genitalia in childhood, and condemned by the international community of “traditional value”, is practiced in Muslim Egypt and Christian Ethiopia and some other countries in Africa and Asia and, as we learned from Putin’s mufti in Russia.

It is unlikely that his great dream about the mass circumcision of the Russians was true, but the fact that in modern Russia, this procedure threatens women, anxious. The fact that such brutal disregard for the rights of the woman and her health is free to call the winner of the state awards, says a lot about the country in which he lives.

According to the statements of Russian propaganda we Europeans need to be afraid of 3.8% of our Muslims, while in Russia they are today 12-15%. Supposedly we should be afraid of young Muslim hooligans throwing rocks at the outskirts of French cities, but not for the fate of circumcised girls and women in Russia.