Who to complain to about a Bank and how it works: check for yourself

Bank card can be found in the purse of almost any Ukrainian. With the help of the Bank can quickly pay for almost any service, transfer money, invest savings in a Deposit, take a loan etc. But what to do when the Bank of Naham, were charged a double Commission or had to spend three hours in line at the office? The website “Today” to find out who to complain to about a Bank.

How to report Bank

On the websites of the banks has a special section “Complaints and suggestions”. Any user can fill out the simple form to specify your name and Express the essence of the complaints or suggestions. Then you can optionally write your phone number – then the employee will call back and tell me how to solve this issue.

We decided to test how this works at the Bank! Fill in the form on the website – in the section “name” specified the name – “Petrov Pyotr Petrovich,” and in the section “comment” described a fictional problem, supposedly with phone slowly loads the Bank website. Input your mobile and select the option “get an answer”. Four minutes later the number calls back, a Bank employee.

– Hello, Peter, are you concerned about a Bank employee…

– Yes

– I was wondering about your opinion on the website. Is it convenient to talk?

– Yes

– Tell me, please, how often do you have problems with access to the Bank’s website?

– Well, the subway was uploaded seven minutes of waiting

After that, the Bank officer politely advised to try to load the site in a place where there are no problems with access to the Internet. However, not all problems can be easily resolved. For example, if in a certain branch of > > time on the complaint will take about five days, the Bank will conduct an internal investigation. After that the employee will tell the customer what action was taken to ensure that such a situation is not repeated.

To complain you can also use the call center. For this you need to call the Bank, tone dialing, press the number that corresponds to the specific question. Select the section you need in order to go to a specialist in the desired field. For example, in the section “credit products” to advise, or to register a complaint which relates to loans, and in the section “Deposit products” – are specialists in the field of deposits.

Call the Bank number listed on the website. Choose tone dialing section “depositors and other products.” We are warned: “the Conversation may be recorded”. The operator is responsible to Natalia.

– Hello! How do I address you?

Called all the same fake name and again complain of slow access to a site in the metro. The girl politely explained: the subway is really bad catches network and promises to register the application.

The conversation with the operator of record, to refer the question to management, to investigate and improve the work of the Bank, says the Chairman of the management Board of FUIB Sergey Chernenko. In addition, the operator can ask permission to call back and inform how solved this problem.

“If you called the hotline and got the answer to your question, or you have poorly communicated the operator, don’t hang up. Ask them to record the complaint. Please describe in detail the operator to its essence. Leave your phone number”, says Serhiy Chernenko.

According to the banker, the majority of Ukrainians leave complaints in the call centers, while gradually increasing the number of users online page.

Why the complaint for the Bank is good

To complain directly to the Bank, not in forums or social networks, is much more effective, says Serhiy Chernenko. So, if the financial institution knows about the problem, the user can quickly to solve it. In addition, the Bank sees flaws in their work and knows how to improve the service. For example, in FUIB tell: at the request of the clients the Bank has established a modern self-service terminals. Now through them you can top-up the card or to repay the loan.

Executive Director of the National Association of banks of Ukraine Olena Korobkova notes that rapid response to complaints and solving problems promotes loyalty to the brand.

“In Ukraine no one tool of advertising and promotion of products does not work as good as word of mouth. Besides, it’s probably one of the cheapest channels of communication and building strong relationships with clients. If the person is really right, you get a fair and prompt response to your complaint, with a subsequent solution to the problem, he’ll tell about it to your friends, write an appropriate opinion in social networks, specialized resources, etc. All the appropriate people understand that no one’s perfect and human factor is present in all spheres of our life. Thus, adjusting mechanism and the communication with customers can significantly optimize the budgets for promotion of services and improving brand loyalty. Conversely, if the Bank will ignore its customers, even billions of dollars in budgets for advertising, will give short-term effect,” said Elena Korobkova.

As practice shows, 95% of those who complain, are willing to give Bank a second chance. By the way, according to experts, most (68%) customers are leaving the Bank because of the indifference of the staff, and only 14% are dissatisfied with the product of the Bank.

However, if the complaint of the customer in the Bank does not respond, the Ukrainians can apply for a “hot line” of the National Bank, or send them a letter. If the customer rights are violated and this contradicts the current regulations or laws, the Bank will send a letter to the Bank explaining. After that, the Bank needs to correct the situation. Only last year the national Bank has addressed more than 80 thousand Ukrainians, mostly questions were related to the Deposit agreements and loans.

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