Russian-Japanese economic cooperation: the head of Japan is ready to sign 20 letters of intent during the summit

Became aware of the contents of economic cooperation between public and private companies on which agreement is reached during the meeting of President Putin and Prime Minister Abe on April 27 in Russia. Will be signed around 20 memoranda of understanding: the use of Japanese advanced IT technologies for relief motion, tying up capital, “Mitsui Bussan” and the Russian pharmaceutical corporations, and so on.

The goal is to simultaneously with the activation of the output of Japanese companies on the Russian market of urban development and medicine to prepare the ground for negotiations on the “Northern territories” by deepening economic cooperation.

27 April, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe post Moscow, where he will hold talks with President Putin. In connection with the joint economic activity on the “Northern territories”, on which agreement was reached during a summit in December last year, Prime Minister Abe proposed the Russian side to take a study group, consisting of government officials and business representatives.

The study will be shortly defined a specific joint venture projects.

In December last year, the Japanese side has proposed a concrete plan for economic cooperation, consisting of eight items. This time the focus will be on two: urban development and medicine.

With regard to urban development, both governments will cooperate in the construction of the subway in Voronezh. For unloading Voronezh movement Protocol of intentions will be signed by the transport Department of the Voronezh region and the Japanese company Kyosan Electric Manufacturing involved in the development of systems of regulation of movement. The technology will be applied, in accordance with which the traffic analyses the traffic situation at the crossroads in the centre of the city and in accordance with it manages its signals. As a result, the amount of congestion will be reduced by 20%.

The company “Sekisui chemical” will cooperate with the Voronezh management for modernization of worn-out sewer systems. You will apply Japanese technology which enable repairs without blocking the motion. As for the construction of homes in this area involves cooperation between Voronezh University and the company Nice Corporation. The project will be built at home with the use of insulation and energy saving materials.

In medicine, a Protocol of intentions to be done “Mitsui Bussan” and ZAO “R-Pharm”. “Mitsui Bussan” will Finance “R-Pharm” in order to expand the range of drugs and to intensify the activities on foreign markets. It is assumed that the amount of funding will amount to several tens of billion yen.

Letters of intent to be signed this time, will include about 100 projects of economic cooperation. Earlier the Russian-Japanese economic cooperation was limited to the energy sector affecting the development of oil and gas in the far East, however, the range of interaction increases.

In order to implement joint economic activities on the four Northern Islands, a serious problem consists in the discussion of legislative frameworks that are necessary for this. Therefore, the Japanese side wants to send the South Kuril Islands study group, consisting of officials, experts and businessmen, so they took realistic projects.

Also discussed is the reduction in costs to the indigenous inhabitants of the Islands, visiting the graves of their ancestors. Japan wants to conclude an agreement on the establishment of Charter message Kunashir and Shikotan. In addition, it is necessary to simplify the procedure of entry to Kunashir in the case that Japanese nationals arriving by sea, and also to make a free crossing from Kunashir to Iturup island.