Russia uses “agents” to break up the PACE from the inside – the Aryans

Russia wants to break up from the PACE. This was stated by people’s Deputy from BPP, Chairman of the standing delegation to PACE Vladimir Aryev, the press service of the party.

“We are in contact with our colleagues and discuss the situation of the visit to Syria of the President of PACE Pedro Agramunt, Chairman of the legal Committee of the PACE of Alan Destexhe, Rapporteur of the monitoring Committee on Ukraine Jordi Shukla. Will be a very serious conversation with the Bureau and the political groups. Now the situation in the Assembly is very tense. There are forces that use the leaders of the Assembly in provocative visits to break up the Assembly. It is the conscious actions of the Russian Federation to undermine the credibility of the PACE, delegitimize body. Russia believes that if she is not involved as it does not meet the criteria of the Assembly, then it will be to do everything through their agents to use Assembly guide in order to discredit this body,” said the Ariev.

He noted that it’s a shame to see how some representatives of the leadership of the Assembly has agreed to participate in openly provocative visit to Syria.

“We in the delegation after the visit there was talk about whether the next Jordi Shukla to be the Rapporteur from Ukraine, because there is a conflict of interests. He took part in the visit organized by the Russian Federation, which is the object of the reports of the monitoring Committee on Ukraine. The situation in Ukraine is associated with aggression from the Russian Federation is recognized as the October resolutions of the Assembly PACE. So now it is necessary to investigate if direct funding, and get answers, whether the funding of flights, accommodation with Russian members of the PACE, visiting Syria. And if it did, then the conflict of interest is no longer imaginary, but real,” – said the MP.

Earlier , the Ukrainian delegation demanded that the PACE Bureau to explain the visit of Agramunt in Syria.

As reported, Damascus was visited by the delegation of the PACE, headed by the President of the organization, Pedro Agramunt, and the company they were deputies of the state Duma of the Russian Federation.