How to deal with allergies

Allergies – the most common disease, which is spreading with catastrophic speed. One of the reasons the incidence of Allergy is the excessive clean environment. Physicians noted that Allergy is mainly a disease of citizens and people living in villages rarely suffer from this disease. Also, the cause of Allergy may be malfunction of the immune system, because disease is, in fact, an immune response to any substance. Allergy may develop to animal dander, food, pollen, medications, certain chemical substances and insect bites, writes

The classic symptoms of Allergy are sneezing, lacrimation, itching, redness and a runny nose. However, in some cases, Allergy symptoms can be life threatening. Upon contact with the allergen may develop anaphylactic shock – the reaction of immediate type, characterized by breathlessness, swelling, seizures, sudden drop in blood pressure and a number of other dangerous symptoms.

To recover from allergies can not

Unfortunately, allergies cannot be cured. Scientists still unknown nature of this disease. If your immune system overly responds to any of the allergens, you will have to live with this problem and make life adjustments.

The best variant of the disease is an Allergy to any product or animal. So you can avoid the source of danger, and you do not even need any medication. For example, if you are allergic to pineapples, eliminating them in your diet, you will always save yourself from the unpleasant symptoms. It also should take into account cross-reaction to the allergen. For example, if you are allergic to crayfish, it is likely that the increased immune response will be observed for all species (or most) of crustaceans.

Much harder with allergies to pollen. In the spring, to hide from the allergen is almost impossible, and often have to seek help from a doctor.

On reception at the allergist try to clearly explain their symptoms, and, most importantly, the approximate time when it all began. In the case of Allergy to pollen, information about the time of onset of the disease helps to identify the causal allergen. Doctors-allergists know about periods at the beginning of flowering of different plants, and comparing your information with tabular data, it is possible with high probability to determine the causal allergen.

Once potential allergens have been identified, the doctor performs a special Allergy test. This little scarifices (scratched) skin, and the injury is applied to samples representing a mixture of different allergens.

Medication allergies

As soon as the contact with the allergen, some immune cells begin to produce large amounts of specific inflammatory mediators, mainly histamine. Therefore, for the treatment of painful symptoms in allergies are special antihistamines that block histamine receptors, thereby preventing the development of inflammation. Modern antihistamines (third generation) have little side effects and are the main drugs used for the treatment of allergies.

As a local therapeutic agents conjunctivitis and allergic rhinitis using hormone drugs based on corticosteroids. Steroids inhibit the synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators from cells of the immune system. And to eliminate nasal congestion used nasal decongestant drugs.

Specific immunotherapy

Specific immunotherapy (SIT) is a progressive method of treatment of an Allergy, which boils down to the dosed introduction into the organism of the allergic causative allergen. Using this method of treatment, it is possible to correct the immune response of the patient and to reduce the reactivity of the immune system. Observed that specific immunotherapy can significantly reduce the severity of allergic symptoms, or even eliminate manifestations of the disease.

Is SIT in the winter before the season of flowering, and if the Allergy symptoms have already begun, the treatment will be ineffective.