Diet foods can cause obesity – scientists

Fat free products submitted by manufacturers as “diet” food, can be hazardous to health. To such conclusion the American scientists from the University of Georgia in Athens, experimenting with the diet of laboratory mice.

As reported in the journal Physiology&Behavior, a supposedly low fat foods actually contain a lot of sugar. Using bright packaging and beautiful names, they are only disguised as a diet food, but much harmful to the liver.

To find out how such foods affect the body, scientists began to observe the lives of several groups of rats. Part of the rodents, they were fed regular food. Others received high-calorie fatty foods. A third group ate a “diet” treats with a large proportion of carbohydrates and fat.

After a month, animals were weighed and checked their vital indicators: the proportion of fat in the body, blood composition and microflora in the intestines.

In the end the rats fed on fatty foods and “diet” food with lots of sugar, all indicators were almost identical. And they both gained weight, the fat began to accumulate in the liver. In the brain and the gut have also been negative changes. While animals that had been fed correctly, at the end of the experiment remained healthy.

“The concern is that the use of “diet” food the body produces fat in two times more efficient than in all other cases, – says Professor Krzysztof Tea. – On this diet, the rats need two times less calories to fat as much as their brethren who consumed fatty foods”.

Experts advise: to avoid obesity, you need to look carefully at the composition of the products, count the amount of sugar, fats and carbohydrates.

Informed physicians of great Britain stated that obesity can spread from one person to another as other infectious diseases.