The best goalie in hockey history turned 65

The best goalkeeper of all times Vladislav Tretiak turned 65, he reached the official retirement age (in Finland the retirement age of men comes in 65 years — approx. TRANS.).

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Warm congratulations he gave former rival Tamminen Juhani (Juhani Tamminen), which played a role early in his career, Tretiak in the national team and sending predecessor Tretiak retirement.

“Finland made a sensation by defeating the Soviet Union in the tournament “the Prize of News” in 1971 with the score 4:2. When early in the second period we were leading with the score 3:0 was replaced Viktor Konovalenko, goalkeeper the number one superkomanda the Soviet Union 60 years. In its place came Tretiak. I had nothing against Konovalenko, but I had to give the opportunity to Express themselves and to future participants of Olympic games in Sapporo,” laughs Tamminen, who scored two goals in the gate Konovalenko.

Since Tretiak defended the gates of the Soviet Union national team for almost 13 years without a break. Tamminen played against him already in the European Championships among juniors in 1968-1969.

“Starting with the match in December 1971, we met with him 3-4 times per season: at the tournament “Prize Izvestia”, the qualifying tournaments and some international matches. I must say that where were these Konovalenko and the company, we had at least some hope. With the arrival of Tretiak’s that hope died.”

The meeting with the Canadians cemented his fame

The contribution of Tretiak’s 10 gold medals in world Championships and three Olympic gold is often underestimated, because the opponents — can be, but with the exception of Czechoslovakia — rarely managed to take a really good position to maneuver.

“There are excellent goalkeepers in a weak team and all the goalies in a strong team. And it’s a completely different thing. Tretiak refers to the second. It never really bombed, and really dangerous transfer of the enemy was rare,” recalls Tamminen, last played against Tretiak in the 1982 world Cup in Helsinki.

But when Tretiak started to bombard, and he stood. In the final of the Canada Cup in Montreal Canadians kicked ass in the first half of the match, which the Soviet Union won with the score 8:1.

“The same remarkable was the match between the team of sports club of CSKA, which included Tretiak, and the club Montreal Canadiens, played in a draw with the score 3:3. Having stood in the game against Canada, Tretiak had won enduring fame.

Success and after hockey career

After an active playing career Tretiak worked successfully coach Chicago Blackhawks and became a hunter of young talents. It didn’t surprise Tamminen.

“He was savvy and open to connection by the player. And, as many of the legends of Soviet hockey, it is much better speak English than showed it.”

In the team of the Soviet Union played and the opponents of the system, for whom discipline and ideology was poison.

“Tretiak was the last person of the system and establishment. If he is still actively played during the “uprising” Igor Larionov, you probably would have joined the old system. So now he became the President of Federation of hockey of Russia. And because he cares about your health. Problems with alcohol do not avoid many of the legends of Soviet hockey.”

Tretiak presidency is largely symbolic. In fact, holding the reins in his hands Arkady Rotenberg, who is in the inner circle of Vladimir Putin.

Tycoon Rotenberg was one of the major contractors of the Sochi Olympics. Tamminen was very touched by seeing his old rival at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

“If the Olympics takes place in Russia, it is difficult to find the best person to light the Olympic flame”.