What not to eat and drink before the flight

The food you eat before the flight, direct way may affect your health and the health of your loved ones. How you will feel during the flight and after landing will depend completely on the diet yesterday.

If before you travel by plane you will exclude from your menu the following products, you will protect yourself and your family from various troubles that may occur during flight, writes moirebenok.ua.


Many people find it hard to resist the temptation to eat something harmful from the proposed diversity at the airport. But it is important to remember that while traveling on the plane, at an altitude of 11 miles, your body is extremely difficult to digest such food. Such foods may cause heartburn and indigestion, which is extremely unpleasant to experience during flight.


Although not a food, but it is recommended to abandon the consumption of alcoholic beverages before the flight. Of course, and I want to celebrate the beginning of the holiday and lift your spirits with a glass of champagne or wine, but do not forget that alcohol leads to dehydration. Besides, the air in the plane is not humidified, but it also affects our health. If in addition, you will feel thirsty after drinking the night before alcohol, then traveling by plane can be remembered by you not the best way.


Did you know that while traveling on a plane the air pressure in the cabin decreases, and as a result its volume increases by about 35%? This can cause the expansion of the small intestine, as a consequence of gas formation in the stomach and bloating. So take care of your diet before the flight in advance and avoid such foods as cauliflower and Brussels sprouts, broccoli and other vegetables that are related to the family Cruciferae.


Many legumes contain compounds that are difficult to digest and can cause flatulence and bloating in the stomach. But there is a small trick that will help to avoid discomfort while traveling by plane – soak the beans overnight and then cook safely, bowel problems do not threaten you.


The consumption of beverages with gas can lead to bloating. That will create discomfort during flight pressure changes. So take care of the right drink for your family.


Garlic — a great addition to a favorite dish, but after drinking it becomes not very comfortable to communicate with people. This vegetable contains compounds that are quickly absorbed into the lungs and blood. Therefore, long-playing “flavor” can come from you, even if you brush your teeth.