Oleksandr Babiak, domi cardoral Ukraine: “Private cardoral – a chance for thousands ukraïntsiv”

Troch bilshe three months to thismany charity Fund medical talasa revolution, about dalemont aka pokey speaking lachey profesonal, ale Yak Mauger without Perlen Smythe life thousands ukraïntsiv: the country finally z’yavylasya private cardoral. The pioneers became medychne Trammel “Dobrobut” I zerkova team lcars pid cervista prodnose Ukrayinsky cardoral, Dr. medichnih Sciences Oleksandr Bablake.

For Ukraine, the de today, the words Prem courier-mnestra Volodymyr Groysman, from cercavo-sudini zakhvoryuvan soroku pomira more 426 of thousands of people (TSE 68 % from Zagallo clast poorly), cardoulis operations Kaplan lachey 13.1% of the quiet, hto potrebu hrurgeu treatment, and s p five to six thousand my iz urodzenie the vada serca operate tilki tysyachu, rozvytok private cardoral – chance Smythe Qiu strashno the statistics. Derzhavni medicin of zakladi to roblet truncated mozliwe: conductive uncoln operas, wprowadzonymi not technology, ale sovereign medicine almirena from the Costa. Brake pennies, brake operating little dovey hurgv (p’yat rokiv to the country pratsyuvala lachey 60 cardoral, that separatist operate). I private medicine – mozliwosci srusiti problem z msca, aka so checkout on all Ukraine.

Dovgy hour vakrita cardholer vdden not nawawala godna Ukrainian Trammel private clinc. Sumni zrozum: TL oblast medicine potrebu nadzvychaina high rvna nadanna the hotel, dorogobuzhsky of peredovih technology, dovey specalists. Denim hto rizikov usati for yourself Taku bike modified, becoming “Dobrobut” – the first thisname private medychne Trammel, Yak pratsyuє for mineralnymi standards nadanna medicine relief th at restoragen ako today . nischyns svitovi technology.

Ocolis vgcreate “Dobrobut” cardoral vdden Oleksandr Babiak – hirurg iz hope 20-rcnm experience, that lachey for p’yat rokiv ostanni prowl 1500 more operations on the heart, two rocky starovas in one s nycrama swova Centru cardoral, Unversiteta hosptal Punchng Sdney, ( 11 years pratsyuvav have nakladni region cardoral – operava kids iz urodzenie the vada serca. Mi sustris s Oleksandr Dmitrovich, dwellers, pogovorite about those, chomu uspsi hirurg obras sama “Dobrobut”, Yak VIN swats bratica for wypadki, od yakih vdmosfets colleges, scho Takeo flosofa patient friendly I hto working W him>>>.

Cardoral vdden clunky “Dobrobut” ocaiw Oleksandr Babiak

  • Alexandra to Dmitrovich, so chomu same “welfare”?
  • The fact, that, on my the perekonannya, narazi TSE myperspective the meeting place for the development of ukraïnskoï cardoral. Today little Yak Mauger thisname klinka panacea before Runa, any infections znahodytsya “Dobrobut” s Yogo technologies, asnodename operatino I, scho duzhe it’s important, h Yogo investicinis plans that shvidky realset proektu. I, for example, upevneny, scho yakscho Moi > > > to zadaviatsa ACS Novi technology, “Dobrobut” stink, we will. Tim bilshe scho our bahanna future ukraïnskoï medicine spited s buchannan investors klunky, we hadn cnost, odnakovi rozumna for chogo I Yak mi precum. Pokazowy moment: I can take the surgery serious Pact, and meni is not required wastewate his rsena before Golovnin Lorem. I robly your job, and I do not think scho scho Raptor – I “statistics bude spawna”. Then Yak at in Klink, and TSE is not a secret, afraid of folding most cases.
  •  Have you bagato , folding most cases?
  • Bagato, we have a heavy contingent pactv. Ale OTA notorious statistics are thus not HRSA – newt Krasa, than in medichnih centres de not operate wacohvia.
  • In Ukraine know what cardoral Bablak comes for wypadku, for that is not vtimes ngto different from the country. Ski from you I smellsthe?
  • TSE is not smellsthe. I’d be calling scorche DOSUGA TSE, yaky daє mozliwosci prognozuoti results I usvit riziki virochana. If mi razgledam folding case,, mi all the details analcum: scho need to do, that nebezpeci checkout on to Chi Homo Etap operas the pid posleoperatsyonnoho hour period. Dowd DOPOMOGA vinciti VSI problems adequately oceniti rizik. The I yakscho VIN at the limits of Nacho competent, if mi can controllati Yogo, mi baremose for the robot. Ale obov’yazkovo honestly talking about all Pancu: he’s got razumeti, zaradi chogo riziku, I svajena priynyati rsena. Only in this case I will pant likar, Yak seem, one BC baricade.
  • That is if to you to come man I kazhe, shcho “od ne VSI vambresia”, and VI rozumie, scho the case naprawd , folding, ale beretisa for Demba I say, scho all bude good
  • …not my adavan Vpevnenist, lachey dwellers zaspokoi pant. TSE diysno my the perekonannya. If I tell them what all has zakonchitsa good, I naprawd VRU in USPH. That is so, TSE, folding case, ale Yogo think all Swahili I bacimo scho our result bude pozitivni. Same about TSE I I say z pacta. Ale next neodno poyasnyu, which, scamo so, discomfort the Yom dovedetsja of pereiti pid hour treatment, scho Mauger piti not that I TSE metime nalci. After she Robit tsogo person of choice. And if you won vzhe sailasa the surgery, it just I show scho likar really paramarine a problem I wherein Rozum, Yak dosage baranovo result. I scho Yogo meta not to do akus uncanny operation zaradi mg and dopomogty this specific Pact.
  • Scho smut for cardoral?
  • Head. A student I put on the first meeting place manual skills. I the th obras hirurgu – region, de can zastosowanie manual skills, de ti practical vdras bachish result so of work. Ale ere for n’yat-ten years after the Institute prishlo rozumna, scho manual skills have cardoral – TSE is important, but not smut. On the pershoho f – head. If ti obrotowych konu detail operas, proregulus scho for Chim got out, yaky poslao dwellers dosage ospho dicorotron the way. And USPH – TSE is not proveravanje heart.
  • Nespola willowlane for cardoral…
  • On miy look, USPH – dati Ludin the chime won prishla. And won W prishla not dwellers cardoral Nachev I shunt. I lcar – I perekonnanimi in this! not povinn misliti such categories. People coming to us for new actu life. Sama won got booty head meta lcare, not only perfect operation.
  • Mayzhe 11 years VI pracowali from Center ditco cardology the cardoral what difference mizh dytyachoy I doroshow cardoral?
  • So, I hi – deplaces about scho mova. Yakscho say about Sotho churcn skills, chirurgia urogenic VAD serca more razviva sdet lcara I to vcity ndile of systematic approach: urogenic wad 350, wherein the boundaries Kono , svoï features. I what is important: children’s world cardoral got usual scho VIN not God; he is not always Mauger povnistyu of vypravit prirodno Vadu. At the same dorosli cardoral mi maєmo the right heart iz, Yak Bulo will zdorovim, ale schos from nomu spavalica. I here already got likar bootie perfectionista, he is guilty of the maximum vdevice the mill serca, that CCB to horobi.
  • Z vgmknodes of course, but the Chim dityacha I have grown cardoral sho?
  • Pddom to treatment. Oboh in the treatment vipadkah Golovna meta – pokersite quality of life pacta. If I Baciu, scho after operat mi dosage tsoho, vdtuv spravzhnyu joy.
  • If sadati SOT udachnyh vdgekw your partw I TSE lachey in nternet, in realnost h surely thousands, have you duzhe bagato prevodu Ratti…
  • It turns, I mykonou astanova his dad (posits). If I has wcisa in nstitut, VIN kazav meni scho smut – Buti dobrim Lorem and potim – doctor of science.
  • Your Tato Dmytro Evgenovich Bablak legend ukraïnskoï cardoral. Mabuchi, same VIN velinov on your choice profes?
  • Of course, the butt man sgrav its role. He proykov usyu school hrung, including the fact cardoral. CCB parseparam have cardoral in Sahana Ukraine, tasnuva cercavo-sudini center in Lviv.
  • The old man of dosag great result from propes, and to yakih peaks pragna sin?
  • The stench postijno obnovlyaetsya, if I may say so. Gregory Skovoroda wilw yea, that meni duzhe bliski: “Take the top – metimes the middle”. Tilki-but mi s our team nakhodima something Nove, for example, Novyi view operas, vdras z are Novi Horizonti, to yakih need rogatica.
  • Yak vertex at a time pakrut likar Bablak I Yogo team?
  • Najblizsza our meta – uprowadzona in ukraïnskiy hrug it patient friendly, for the yakoy chirurgia got comfortable bootie for pacta, tobto z minimalnim resicom, minimalnim fear I minimalnim discomfort pid hour, folding, truchan. That is our meta now is to do skladno hrurgeu maximum tolerant I careless for Packt not utrativshie quality. By the way, it should be viznati scho private clinci in this plan ten steps poperedu. Pocevsi robot “Dobrobut”, I can say about TSE s upevneny, after then yea mozliwosci zabezpechiti Pact not lachey qualla relief and visokoklasny service and Hali psychologiczny pdhd.
  • Have you tro kids want dwellers stink PSL bajkowym the way I have produzili dynasty of Ukrainian hurgv?
  • TSE is not Prosti way, I yakscho stink toocute piti him, TSE got booty h svidomim a choice. And I, Mabuchi, Zobov’yazanyy show m scho Mauger Buti medicine Garnier sown ale for Savoy – bagato of work I prikladnih susil. Starsa sons and a daughter duzhe Hoca bootie Lorem. I’m Baciu, scho science I datesa better, than meni. Podyvimos, Yak Slagelse life.
  • And , jakby sons and a daughter at a time sapitula have you scho naire I naikrashe have robot cardoral, scho b VI vdovi?
  • Naikrashe – TSE…
  • Mauger, pochnemo s nigga?
  • Hi, I want z Nekrasovo (posits). Naikrashe – TSE zadovolennya, drive, adrenalin od, scho two knowledge I winna doomgate people. All scho, scho ti having decided, in principle, vislo. What I don’t lachey realsource I this your it – your robot what a great DOPOMOGA Tim, zaradi who ti prazuch. TSE, surely, nipride I naybilsh chwilowki from our profes.
  • And naire… TSE if ti prehab Dodoma of stemline I want boday decline Godin paspati, and then dzvinok I need letti have lorny. Phone Nikoli not vinikas.
  • Not can not spitali, Yak VI spravlyaetsya, if pamira pant? Chi Mauger likar to tsogo smeknuli?
  • Not Mauger. I do not mozhu. Thank God, scho TSE trapletti rdquo. Often RDN in such vipadkah certauth yourself, that will delight the operation, and the man died. I zespolow: TSE Bulo , rsena, Vaughn could not further so to live, as lived, and versile piti on rizik. Axis chomu is important to operat obgovarivali VSI Mogilev results.
  • Have you ACS , zabobony, rituali?
  • Hi! I I vialou respectin salsa usyu magic Qiu, who Baciu.
  • Scho zhodnogo amulet I Nacho saliva beanie?
  • Hi! Rasstrel on f! Have a charity Fund medical not Mauger Buti niyakogo Magna rituals. Relief Ludin – TSE Prosti, direct, zrozumily way, navso sobi there’s staviti akikos doll sboku? Mene NEMA niyakogo “nasalevich” days, “not quiet” months, “p atniz the 13th”. All hto in TSE write Raju sadati Bblu. If Christ proposal have gram on Saturday, Parise zrobili sauvagine, scho SUS VDPAU: “And if your wwca to sulitsa have Saturdays in the pit, VI will” whitegate?” For relief there is the toll-is not “wrong” hour.
  • From your > > > VSI tak Stroh?
  • In this Sens. Mi W odnodum. And if seryozno – I zooplus people, s yakimi at a time pretyy in Ogni>>>. I even love Udachny m for those scho stink, Yak I I took rizik I psli zi I do privatnu cardoral in Ukraine. May Nadia scho us time vdastsya dosage Nacho spline methylene.
  • ACO?
  • Smythe cardoral for the better. Spodvigla, cardorna our team, “Dobrobut” smoge the way Tim locomotive, that PDE poperedu I put on suchen Reiki ukraïnsku cardoral.