What to expect from the meeting in Minsk on the situation in Avdeevka

The former representative of Ukraine in the political subgroup of the TAG Donbas Roman Immortal in comments to the TV channel “112 Ukraine” said, what results can you expect from the meeting in Minsk on the situation in Avdeevka.


The aggravation is characteristic to the meeting in Minsk. As a rule, once such a meeting is planned, then comes the aggravation. But expect that the meeting in Minsk will give the answer to all questions concerning present aggravation, to put it mildly, is to deceive yourself.

If you assess the current situation on the plant, in Minsk, will face two positions. First position, and it will press Russia, will be based on the fact that Ukraine goes on the offensive. The second position (it was a Ukrainian position) will be based on the fact that militants from the banned formal agreements that were signed in Minsk, breaking them, are shelling Ukrainian territories. In turn, this leads to an exacerbation of the conflict. In such starting position to talk about the fact that it will be possible to stabilize the situation… I don’t believe it. That is possible as a maximum? It is now to reach agreement on the export of people.

Option that this will lead to the collapse of the “Minsk-2” should not be deleted. But there is a caveat Here… it so happened that all the participants who are involved in this conflict, will gravitate towards its preservation. There’s a reason we see the intensification of the OSCE, the Russian side, Poroshenko’s visit to Berlin. All this suggests that in this situation all participants will save this site.

There are three components that you should pay attention on which is, I think, weak. The first is public awareness. There are certain gaps. I use information from both sides. The second action is a decision of political bodies (security Council, the President, the government). Hell is full of the slack. We don’t see these solutions for two days. And the third is operational-tactical command and control (staff). In this respect, I think steps are being made. Another thing, this is the level which is hardly appropriate to inform the public.