Merkel is concerned about the insufficient protection of the EU borders

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that we are still measures to protect the external borders of the EU is insufficient, reports UKRINFORM.

This was Chancellor of Germany said speaking at the Congress on internal security organized by the CDU/CSU in the Bundestag.

“In recent years, especially in 2015, we realized that it is necessary to protect external borders, the protection of external borders are not in compliance,” said Merkel.

In her opinion, the solution to this problem, which she sees as “a key challenge for Europe”, “will depend largely on the future of the European Union.”

“We have created a space of freedom, the so-called Schengen space in which we can move freely, which is freely barter, exchange of services, we are committed to the digital internal market, all right – but a space of freedom and security. And if those boundaries no longer correspond to national boundaries, we should be able to protect the external border,” − added the Chancellor.

Among the gaps she called, in particular, that still has not completed work on the establishment of a unified register of persons arriving in the EU and leaving them.

Among the positive achievements Merkel marked the creation of a joint German-French border police units.

We will remind, on 7 March, the EU Council amended the law that enhanced control at the external borders of the Union.