The Kremlin has declared trump “the employee of the month”

A worthy conclusion is strikingly successful for the Donald trump of the year was the news that the Kremlin has declared the former TV presenter “employee of the month” at the end of December.

“No one has so relentlessly worked for the glory of the Fatherland, like Donald trump, — said in an official statement, Russian President Vladimir Putin. — It sets a high standard for all employees of the Kremlin — let’s hear it!”

Now trump’s name is added to the honours Board hanging next to the Kremlin’s personnel Department.

According to the Kremlin sources, for the honorary title of “employee of the month” with trump seriously competed Syrian President Bashar Assad and the head of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson (Rex Tillerson).

Speaking to reporters in your Florida estate “Mar-a-Lago,” trump called it “a huge honor, is phenomenal.”

“Obama for eight years was President and have never received this award, he said. — That loser!”