Batumi-mi-mi-mi: European holidays by the sea and mountains at Ukrainian prices

In the summer of Ukrainians will be able to travel to the EU without visas, the promise of power. Skeptics add that a tour of Europe, our citizens can not afford. Traditionally, many tourists are considering a holiday in the Mediterranean, but the situation there is unrest, but Egypt’s foreign Ministry recommends not to meddle.

But there is on the coast of the Black sea country where beaches and mountains, a visa is not needed, prices – as in Kiev, security at the highest level, and the Ukrainians will take part in. Here they say that Georgia is Europe, and Europe house Georgia. Although this region is accepted to speak in another way: Georgia is not on the map, Georgia is in the heart.

Batumi is a city filled with love

The main tourist centre of Georgia – Batumi. After four days spent in this city in April, I can confidently assert that it justifiably called the jewel of the country. “Batumi is as beautiful as the laughter of a stranger next: the sincere and pure, kind and playful. The city is as intoxicating as a first kiss, leaving lips astringent taste of Kvareli. The lapping of the waves and the wind from the mountains he tickles and excites, like a whisper of the beloved”, – approximately so it is possible to describe the city again when the opportunity to participate in the Georgian feast and raise a toast.

By the way, the opportunity to plunge into the unique Georgian culture, to try the famous dishes and local wine attracts tourists from all over the world no less than the sea and the mountains.

The popularity of Batumi evidenced by the fact that in a city with a population of about 150 thousand people working ten network five-star hotels including Hilton, Sheraton, Raddison and Marriott. In my time here have been the current President of the United States. Then, as a businessman, Donald trump called Batumi one of the most amazing places.

In Batumi’t get lost. The city is built on the Roman plan: on one side mountains on the other – the sea. Along the beach located a five star hotels

Every year this region attracts more and more travelers, including Ukrainians. In the first three months of 2017 Batumi airport served nearly 27 thousand passengers, which is 14% higher than in the first quarter of last year. Kutaisi airport, from which also come the tourists in Adjara, improved by 81%, taking more than 68 thousand travelers. In the summer the experts of the civil aviation Agency of Georgia predict an even greater flow of passengers.

“Last year, Adjara was visited by one million three hundred fifty thousand people. I am very glad that the top five visitors to our Autonomous Republic includes Ukrainians. I think that this year we will see a lot of friends from Ukraine. We have been to this season as prepared as possible. Last year we had a good performance: over 80 flights a week from 23 countries. This year we will receive over 700 rooms in branded hotels, three, four, five stars. Our hearts, our home is always open for you, for our lovely guests”, – told to journalists the Chairman of Ajara government Zurab Pataradze.

The head of Adjara government Zurab Pataradze on the road from Tbilisi to Batumi specifically called in to treat journalists chacha and invite Ukrainians to visit. Photo from the page Zurab Pataradze in Facebook

A warm welcome in Georgia feel at every step. Immediately upon arrival was pleasantly surprised by the young guard, which, putting the stamp in the passport, and even handed a card with the local scenery. And they are really impressive.

Walking around Batumi indefinitely. The famous Batumi Boulevard was extended along the waterfront to eight kilometers away, and is literally littered with cafes, amusement rides, sculptures, fountains and benches.

Even an ordinary building in Batumi, after facing and completing a couple of floors like the works of Gaudi

Moving away from the sea, you can delve into the old city where even the modern buildings look organic. Look at Piazza, made in the Venetian style, and listen to the national anthem, which is regularly coming from the clock tower. Often on the square concerts (it was here that made sting). In the centre of old Batumi tourists love to walk on the Europe square, on which stands the statue of Medea. There were such celebrities as Jose Carreras and Enrique Iglesias.

Under these Windows on the Piazza in Batumi was made sting

In General, Batumi is considered the cultural center of Georgia. Intensive concert program begins in the spring. For example, on 9 may here will sing Valery Meladze. The main cultural event in Adjara this month – the Aerosmith concert may 20. It is held as part of an ambitious program Check in Georgia, which in Georgia were Robbie Williams, Maroon 5, The Prodigy, Eros Ramazzotti, Jose Carreras and other stars of world level.

The concert dates in the summer still are, but we already know that the famous jazz festival Black Sea will be held in Batumi on July 27-30. In particular, July 28, will perform the world famous British band Jamiroquai, the next day, an American hip hop trio De La Soul, and on the last day of the festival – British singer Joss Stone.

In early September will host the international classical music festival Batumi Music Fest. And in the middle of the first month of autumn will be held Batumi international Arthouse film festival BIAFF.

In between concerts to have some fun in night clubs and lounge bars, which abound in Batumi. And many restaurants have their own show program with performances by local artists and ensembles.

Many tourists are attracted by the opportunity to play gambling casino in Batumi, in contrast to the Ukrainian cities that are allowed and are very popular.
And about the bans. From may 2018 in Georgia do not allow Smoking in all establishments. Meanwhile, visitors of local cafes and restaurants tray ashtray for any table.

The frame is from the presentation prepared by the Department of tourism and resorts of Ajara. Detailed information about the sights of Batumi and Ajara posted on the website

If you wish to see the whole of Batumi as the palm, it is possible to climb up a quarter kilometer cable car and enjoy views of the city and sea from the observation deck. Cost is a trip to 15 lari (about 160 Euro) per person.

Children should go to the water Park with gentle slides and swirling streamers, and one of the few pools in town.

The admiration of adults and young visitors is the show at the Dolphinarium, located in the open air – with views of the mountains. A ticket to the Dolphinarium at the 40-minute show also costs 15 lari.

The dolphins ‘ show cause bursts of waves and feelings

By the way, in Batumi I was lucky to see the Dolphin and sea – beach near sculpture “Ali and Nino”. As said a local resident walking a dog there, dolphins swam to this place even packs.

Dolphin visit place for lovers in Batumi

Itself eight-meter sculpture of a man and a woman, which then merge, then diverge in different directions, symbolizes eternal love.

Ali and Nino was not destined to stay together

Very close with “Ali and Nino” is a Ferris wheel, as well as the 130 meter tower, which displays all 33 letters of the Georgian alphabet.

Sunbathing on the beach, you can learn the letters on the tower of the Georgian alphabet

Lots of interesting places to visit are located in the vicinity of Batumi. Thus, the scope and the variety is striking Batumi Botanical gardenwhich gathered the plants of Eastern Asia, North and South America, New Zealand, the Himalayas, Mexico, Australia, the Mediterranean and the Caucasus.

The Botanical garden near Batumi pleasing to the eye plants of the nine climate zones

At the base of the Park is the beach where you can swim. So in the Botanical garden you can safely send all day. The ticket costs 8 lari (about 90 USD).

Gonio fortress was the three empires

Near Batumi is located onthe bottom of the oldest settlements in Georgia, where even the remains of the Roman baths and the pipeline – the Gonio fortress. For two thousand years it was a mainstay for the Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans. On the territory of Gonio fortress, is symbolic of the tomb of the Apostle Matthew. Also the citadel is associated with the myth of the Argonauts.

Through the corridor for pedestrians to get across the border with Turkey without visas

Literally a few kilometers from the Gonio fortress is present-day border of Georgia and Turkey. The Ukrainians, like the Georgians, unable to cross it without a visa, and more recently, even internal passports. From Batumi to Turkey usually travel to shopping trips, because the prices are lower and the selection more.

From afar it seems that Batumi cuts through the sea

In Batumi is located in the subtropics, due to the location of the area: the city’s Peninsula protrudes into the sea, and surrounded by mountains. Tourist season here starts in mid-June, although you can swim in may. The hottest and driest month to travel to Adjara – August. However, if you are going to be in the subtropical zone at any time definitely need to grab an umbrella. The beach in Batumi strewn with pebbles, so shoes are worth to take with solid soles.

By the way, about 110 kilometers from Batumi is actively developing ski resort Goderdzi at the height of 2025 meters, so the area attracts tourists all year round.

In General, mountain, rural and eco-tourism is actively developing in Batumi. Even a little driving in the Outback, you can see the bubbling waterfall Makhuntseti arched bridge of Queen Tamara. If you wish to swim in the mountain river Adjaristskali, and then visit the local towns. Prices here are lower than in Batumi, so you can stay connected to your meal with an overnight stay in the mountains even for $ 30.

Batumi international airport serves flights from many countries

To get to Batumi from Kiev airport aircraft: Only two and a half hours fly by flight Yanair you get from the capital airport “Zhulyany” international airport of the city on the Black sea. The ticket price includes meals on Board and baggage, which for Georgia is important — after all, the best local souvenir — excellent Georgian wine. You can, of course, to fly with another airline – from the airport Borispol to Kutaisi, and from there a taxi or Shuttle bus ride of 140 km on the black sea coast. Another option is a flight to Tbilisi, but from there to get to Batumi for a couple of hundred kilometres further than from Kutaisi. If you have time and desire, it is possible for a couple of days of travel to get to Batumi by ferry from the Black sea.

For the trip to Georgia Ukrainians, except zagranpasporta, no documents have. Visa, consular fees, Bank statements, the queue – all this is not about Georgia. Here even the apartment sold to the owner of Ukrainian passport for a couple of hours and without too much red tape, assured the Chairman of Adjara. Now some companies even offer promotional tours for investing in a house by the sea.

Indeed, the real estate market in Batumi is actively developing. On the outskirts of the city are entire blocks of new building, apartment or home to rent can be found on almost every street. Prices in the primary market start from $ 350 per square meter, and more than a thousand conventional units per square, but for an apartment “turnkey”, that is, with the repair. When viewing the proposals talk about a quick return, but, according to local realtor Sergei, while there is slesak housing to rent. Even in peak season about 10% of the apartments in the city remain empty, but the sea at this period, occupied all housing.

In Georgia not very popular tours are “all inclusive”, the majority of tourists come on their own and rent housing.

“You can get at the hotel or in the private sector. In a private house you can for $ 15 to be arranged. The hotel costs about 50 gel. The food is not very expensive. Per day with food and hotel will cost you about 100 gel – normal conditions to live and eat” – says Zurab guide.

Judging by the proposals in the summer on the hotel booking sites for a couple of tens of dollars, you can stay, except that in a hostel, but the choice of apartments to rent starts from $ 30 per day (the sea level of prices – about $ 100).

The average salary in Batumi 250-300 dollars, and unemployment is high, so that many local residents are trying to provide for themselves for the whole year just by renting housing to rent in high season. But Kiev is comparable to the level of income determines the comparable price level. Food, accommodation and entertainment in Batumi work out significantly cheaper than in European resorts.

Ajarian khachapuri in the relevant establishment costs 8 lari (about 90 USD). For one dish is too big, unless very hungry. It is possible and without instruments, breaking off pieces with your hands and dipping in the filling

If you wish to cook can purchase at the grocery market, Boney, and small supermarkets, which are found on the streets of Batumi.

Market, Boni, you can find greens, sweets, dairy products, meat and even tobacco

Loaf or pita bread costs 2 gel, milk – 3,5 gel, sausage – 4.5 lari, yogurt – 2 gel, macaroni – 1.5 gel, jars of baby food – from 2.7 gel. The wine in the bottle costs 10 lari, beer 2,5 gel, tarragon – 1,25 gel, juice (by the way there is a Ukrainian brand) – from 2.55 gel.

Restaurants Batumi, prices nominally, as in Europe, but they are listed in the Georgian currency, not in euros, so much cheaper: soup kharcho 7 gel, Ajarian khachapuri – 8 lari, trout (300 grams) – 12 lari chicken Kiev (300 grams) – 15 gel, vegetable stew (300 grams) – 8 lari, fried sulguni cheese (250 grams) – 10 gel, a shish kebab from veal – 14 lari, pork – 9, Greek salad – 10 gel cheese cake 7 gel, a bottle of wine – from 15 lari, Turkish coffee – 2 gel.

In Batumi buses and taxis

Navigate Batumi on foot, though there is a developed network of minibuses and buses (the fare is 40 tetri – about 4.5 USD), and, of course, taxis. Latest drivers, as well as in Kiev, quite persistently offer their services. Local taxi drivers are willing to ride through the small town and for five lari (gel one – about 11 USD), but travelers to bargain on less than 10 gel is quite difficult.

“Pedal yet, not given”

You can rent a bike, though it will have to buy a special card for 20 lari, which allows you to ride for five hours with subsequent replenishment.

For independent travel in the far distance you can rent a car (and for $ 30 a day to agree on a rental hybrid Toyota fuel).


COURSE. $1 = 2,38 GEL (Georgian lari, one lari consists of 100 tetri). The course may change throughout the day. To estimate the price of UAH gel need to be multiplied by 11. Exchange offices are found on almost every street. You can also pay by Bank card

VISA. Between Ukraine and Georgia visa-free regime. When crossing the border is stamped in the passport.

FLIGHTS. Lasts 2.5 hours. Flight from Kiev (Zhulyany airport) at 08:45, departure from Batumi at 13:15. The cost of air tickets there and back starts from 5400 UAH.

TIME. In Kiev is 1 hour less than in Batumi.

PURCHASE. From Georgia carry wine (a bottle of “Kindzmarauli” – 17 gel, spill – 9 gel, can carry four bottles), candy (churchkhela – 1 gel)

We are grateful to the Department of tourism and resorts of Ajara ( for the invitation to the press tour