Russia — Trump: Enough talk

After the arrival of the new US administration has passed more than a month, and Russia begins to lose patience, and expecting that the President, Donald trump will fulfill his promise to organize a joint struggle against the “Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx. ed.), according to a senior representative of the Ministry of defence.

“You have to stop talking about it,” — said the Deputy Minister of defence of Russia Alexander Fomin, speaking about prospects of cooperation with the United States in Syria. Russian and American military stationed at air bases in the middle East, the “exchange information”, and this cooperation can be expanded to create opportunities for joint operations, although “concrete steps have not yet been,” Fomin said Tuesday in an interview in Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan).

Fomin was one of the senior Russian officials who directly expressed disappointment with the administration of the tramp at the moment when the initial euphoria about the prospects of cooperation gives way to more serious caution. During the election campaign, trump has repeatedly expressed praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin and said he wanted to cooperate with him in the fight against terrorism. He also became embroiled in the growing scandal caused by the alleged intervention of the Kremlin in the elections, which on February 13, Michael Flynn (Michael Flynn) was dismissed from the post of national security adviser.

Although the military leadership of Russia and the United States held “constructive” talks, Russia, according to Fomina, is counting on the fact that “soon” will meet defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and his us counterpart James Mattis (James Mattis). “We are ready for any format” of talks, he said.

In contrast to earlier statements from Moscow, which denounced even the slightest steps of the US military build-up, Fomin said that Russia is not concerned about trump’s plan to increase defense spending by 54 billion dollars. The proposed increase in military spending, which exceeds the entire defense budget of Russia in 2017, amounting to 49 billion dollars, is not “for us the direct threat,” and the tramp “has every right” to strengthen the armed forces of the United States against “real threats, including terrorism, drug trafficking and illegal migration,” said Fomin.

“This does not mean that the particular state prepared any aggressive actions,”- said Fomin. There is also no reason to worry about air incidents between Russia and NATO, whose number is “extremely low”, given the increasing level of activity of the armed forces on both sides, he said.