NATO has provided Ukraine with more than 35 million euros via trust funds

Amid the constant threat of military escalation of the situation in Donbas, the Ukrainian leadership has repeatedly appealed to the international community to provide the necessary military support, including to promote the organization of military-technical cooperation between domestic and foreign companies.

In the end, at the NATO summit in September 2014, the members of the Alliance decided to provide Ukraine with more support. Was founded six trust funds that were supposed to improve the situation in the sphere of logistics, cybersecurity, control, communications, etc. as a result, external support is reduced to supply non-lethal equipment and services. As of March 2017 NATO through trust funds has provided Ukraine assistance in the amount of about € 35 million. The training was conducted for more than 2,000 Ukrainian civilians and the military. This is stated in the report “Audit of Ukraine’s foreign policy. Index relations,” world policy Institute”.

In addition, according to the head of Department of bilateral cooperation of the armed forces General staff Colonel Gennady Kovalenko, the General staff created a multinational joint steering Committee on issues of military cooperation and military defence reform.

“This mechanism was created 2.5 years ago with participation of Ukrainian and American side. Now the project was joined by the British, the Canadians, the Lithuanians and the poles. It also had a special program for training our troops. For example, over the past 2 years trained 6 battalions at the Yavoriv training ground. In addition, we have bilateral projects. For example, with the Brits we have so-called operation “Orbital” British instructors are providing training for our troops. Unlike the multinational Committee that the British go on the Yavoriv training, they prepare our staff and to Exactly, and Kropivnitsky, and Wide lang, and in the Gums”, – told the “Today” Gennady Kovalenko.

Also, according to him, there is the strategic level, which includes advisors from USA, UK, Canada, Germany and Lithuania.

“This so-called “DRAB” (Defense reform advisory board). For example, the Advisor from the United States – the famous General John Abizaid (2003-2007 he headed the U.S. Central command, which is responsible for the planning and management of American troops in Afghanistan and the middle East – Ed.). From Britain’s Nick Parker (former commander of the land forces of great Britain – Ed.). The purpose of this group strategic level – the implementation of institutional changes in the armed forces and the defense Ministry. In addition, we closely cooperate with NATO and a party to the Black sea basin and in the development of the control system of the armed forces,” – said the head of Department of bilateral cooperation of the General staff.

Moreover, last year NATO instructors not only teach the Ukrainian military, but also learn from them. “This is a multinational Board first was a Ukrainian-American, and then, as I have already said, joined Kingdom, Canada, Lithuania… since last year we not only learn, and we share experience. For example, the American party and our partners have created the so-called group on the assessment of asymmetric fighting. Representatives of this group very often visit the area of ATO with the aim of familiarizing with the situation, the tactics of the enemy and study the lessons in order to improve and Ukrainian, and the national training system”, – summed up Gennady Kovalenko.

We will remind, on April 24, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg reiterated that Ukraine remains on the agenda of the Alliance.