After the bankruptcy of “Platinum” samolikvidirovalsja associated Bank

Shareholders of Finbank February 1, may declare the liquidation of financial institutions. It is the system of information disclosure on the stock market, writes FinClub.

The Supervisory Board of Finbank 13 January reported that on 1 February in Odessa will be held a meeting of the shareholders of companies which will consider “the elimination of PJSC “Finbank” as a Bank at the initiative of the owners.”

In addition to this issue must also consider the issues of election of the liquidation Commission of PJSC “Finbank”, approval of the terms of the contracts with the head and members of the liquidation Commission of PJSC “Finbank”, as well as approving the procedure and terms of liquidation of PJSC “Finbank”.

Official website of Finbank not working.

According to the NBU, as of 1 January 2016 79,6573% of shares of PJSC “Finbank” belonged to the inhabitant of Odessa Alexander Granovsky. This businessman, according to market participants, close to the Odessa businessman Boris Kaufman, who, according to the NBU, exercised a significant influence on the management and operation of platinum Bank.

We will remind, the national Bank Board took PJSC “platinum Bank” insolvent. As explained in NBU, the results of the stress tests platinum Bank showed the need for additional capitalization. The period of implementation of the plan to replenish capital expired on 1 January.

In recent years the banking system of Ukraine at the insistence of the NBU “cleaned” more than 80 banks – a third of all financial institutions of the country. The head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva says – sorry about these banks is not necessary, because they were used by criminals and fraudsters for the implementation of “schemes”.