Five priority reforms fall: Groisman told what to do Happy after the holidays

Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced the agenda for the Parliament which the Cabinet will present jointly with the coalition and the President – the Prime Minister said that the agenda includes five priority bills in the fall.

“The solutions we offer are completely ready to accept – and in the first and second reading by the Ukrainian Parliament”, – said Groisman.

As he said, prepared five priority reforms, which consist of the package of laws:

  • pension reform;
  • healthcare reform;
  • education reform;
  • electronic trust services (which, as noted Groysman, will affect the ease of doing business in Ukraine);
  • international standards of financial reports.


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Pension reform

Hroisman recalled that, at the moment, in Parliament there are four bills, one of which Parliament has adopted.

We are now preparing for the second reading the law on pension reform, which will give the opportunity to make recalculation of pensions for of 5.62 million Ukrainian citizens, plus 4 million people to conduct the indexation of pensions”, – said the Prime Minister.

According Groisman, these plans can be implemented on October 1 – “and we hope that already in September of this reform will be adopted by the Ukrainian Parliament”, said the Prime Minister.


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Education reform

The team of the Ministry of education together with the experts “have done everything possible to prepare high-quality bill,” which is already in Parliament, ready for the second reading and may be adopted as the Prime Minister said, “literally in the first days of the next session of the Ukrainian Parliament.”

“This will give us the opportunity to bring more autonomy to the educational process, to provide the most benefits regarding educating our children. Most importantly, we must return the respect to the Ukrainian teacher,” – said Groisman.


  • The Cabinet has allocated one billion UAH for the modernization of school

Health care reform

Ukraine departs from the practice of financing of health institutions and distribution of funds “on beds,” he reminded Groisman.

“We will Fund a specific medical service for each citizen. We will change the wage system, which will allow to increase the salaries of doctors. We will do everything possible so that man could freely choose a doctor for quality medical services,” – said the Prime Minister.


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Electronic trust services

In Ukraine there should appear a reliable identification tools for business, said the Prime Minister. According to him, the online interaction of business with public authorities will be regulated by law.

“Up to 500 million new customers for Ukrainian businesses can ensure that legislation from the point of view of a single digital European market. Also it will be a quick on-line access to all administrative services in Ukraine” – described by Groisman benefits of reform.


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International standards of financial reports

The introduction in Ukraine of international standards of financial reporting should increase investment attractiveness of the country, I’m sure Groisman.

According to him, it will also provide an opportunity to ensure transparency of companies and to remove the “Soviet norms of the financial statements, which constrain the development of the business.”


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