For those who don’t have time to change the name on the IPhone: a new campaign from Hello

On April 24 the company Hello has announced the launch of a new national activity: “What are you willing to exchange for the best smartphone in the world?” The essence of the action – ALLO will consider almost any proposal to exchange something for one of the 8 new Samsung Galaxy S8. All proceeds from the sale of goods/assets of the winners, will be fully transferred to the Fund Tabletochki.

Exchange can be anything: from cottages near Zhashkiv or almost new iPhone 7 to the obligation to make a tattoo with a tagline or quarterly contract for the job of a promoter is “Hello”.

As applications are accepted all things that have value: products, services, movable and immovable property. Unlike similar auctions on Ebay the company claims that it does not accept anything related to health clients or those that might be related to humiliation of dignity of the participants. Thus, at least sex and the internal organs remain outside the competition.

All applications of participants are divided into 2 groups: the top proposals on the assessment of ALLO and top number of votes. Highest points will gain either the most expensive proposal, or the most original and interesting. All received in exchange for 8 brand new Samsung Galaxy S8 goods/assets will be sold and the proceeds from the sale in the full amount transferred to the Fund Tabletochki. You can offer money as your lot on the exchange, but it is obvious that the amount below the market price for the device will not bring victory.

Information about the participants, their offers and details of promotions available on the Hello website: the Contest will run until may 15, after which the winners will be announced.

International charity Fund “Tabletochki” is the largest independent Ukrainian charitable Fund, which protects the interests of children with cancer. Since 2011, approximately 6,000 children received assistance funds in the amount of about 73 million. The Foundation provides material, psychological and palliative care to children with cancer and develops donor and volunteer movement in Ukraine.

The group of companies “Hello” – the largest player in the Ukrainian market of personal electronics, the leader in the smartphone market. The company includes a retail network “ALLO” (430 stores), shop , the distribution company “tsifrotekh”. In its stores, the company officially sells Samsung devices, Xiaomi, Sony, HTC and other international brands.