Biometric passport: what you need to know about the document every Ukrainian

What is the biometric passport?

Biometric passport for travel abroad – a document that differs from the usual passport only in the presence of a special chip. It stores information about the identity and nationality of the owner. The chip allows you to store biometric information such as a fingerprint or iris pattern of the eye. Icon IC is placed on the cover for identification of e-passport and the first page is thicker than the others due to the presence of the plastic insert with a chip and basic data (surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, passport number, date of issue, expiration, digitized signature and photo, the prints of index fingers).

How its presence affects the ability to travel in EU without a visa?

The entry into the Schengen area without a visa will be available only for holders of biometric passports overseas. It is expected that a visa-free regime will start to work since June 11, 2017, so the Ukrainians have been actively engaged in the design document. If you have a valid Schengen visa in the passport without the “biometrics”, think about the future plans and act on the situation – you have two options how to travel in Europe on a visa in the passport of the old sample up to the time of its completion, and issue the “biometrics” and travel to Europe without a visa.

Where to get a biometric passport?

Biometric passport can be issued in subdivisions of the State migration service (SMS), regardless of where you are registered. Ukrainians in other countries can apply to the diplomatic institutions. “Biometrics” will cost from 557 to 810 UAH depending on the period of registration.

For those who want all possible easy to plan and to save some time on the website of the migration service operates an electronic queue for the registration of biometric documents. You must register online and arrive on time – even a small delay can result in the need to go through the whole procedure again.

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Also registration takes a network of centers “Passport service”. Facilities: online registration, terminals and the ability to comfortably carry out standard procedures (photographing, fingerprinting, and the digitization of signatures, etc.). The standard amount will be added to another 400 UAH for the services of the company (the price will be from 957 to 1210 UAH, respectively).

What documents to bring?

  • Internal passport of the citizen of Ukraine (original and two copies)

  • The identification code (original and one copy)

Documents are submitted personally – you will need to fill the application form and pay an administrative fee. You will be asked to take a photo, write a signature on an electronic tablet and do a fingerprint.

What are the benefits of biometric passports?

  • Visa-free travel to the EU and stay in the Schengen area up to 90 days within 180 days (calculate exact number of days on a special calculator)

  • Save time and nerves on the border, thanks to the automated data reading

  • The security of the data. Loss of passport – they will not be able to use no one but you and the document very difficult to counterfeit

Who can obtain a passport?

Every citizen of Ukraine. With the exception of the inhabitants of the Crimea received Russian passports, as well as Ukrainians with dual citizenship.

What do migrants and those who live in certain districts of Donetsk and Lugansk regions or annexed Crimea?

Make a biometric passport, you can the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. The immigration service recommends that, in addition to the standard package, to take any additional documents with the photo:

– diplomatic passport of Ukraine;

– service passport of Ukraine;

– seafarers ‘ identity document;

– certificate of crew member;

– identity card for return to Ukraine;

– driver’s license;

– military ID;

– the pension certificate;

– preferential certificate;

– skipping to work.

In the absence of such documents you can provide:

– birth certificate;

– marriage certificate;

– the certificate on divorce;

– diplomas of the University;

– other documents.

How to get a child passport with biometric data?

According to the rules of visa-free regime with the EU, every traveler, regardless of age, prepare your personal biometric passport. Children under 16 years of age document is issued for 4 years. Upon reaching this age, the validity period of biometric passport is increased to 10 years. Fingerprints removed from 12 years of age with the consent of the parents

Required documents:

  • birth certificate of the child (original and copy)

  • the internal passports of both parents (original and 2 copies of each)