Between Russia and Syria: not only paronomasia, but the real similarity

Between the words “Russia” and “Syria” (in Arabic “RUSIA” and “Surya” — approx. ed.) there is something in the rhetoric called paronomasia. It suggests that two different meaning words have similar pronunciation. Scientists distinguish two kinds of paronomasia. Full — two words or expressions are identical in the following four points: sound structure, syllable structure, number of syllables and letters, as well as the order in which they appear. Incomplete (insufficient) — two words or expressions differ in at least one of these criteria.

Thus, in our case, we are dealing with incomplete paronomasia, the sound composition is the same (for consonantal — approx. lane), but the syllabic structure, the order of different.

As for the two countries — Russia and Syria, then between them there is also a convergence and similarity in purpose, and perhaps even basic credo, if we carefully look closely and study them. This similarity is clearly seen in the chain of bloody events in his native Syria for the last seven years. Similarities, which reached its peak when Russia sent its naval, air and ground forces for the implementation of clearly defined objectives: to sentence to death the opposition, to weaken the Sunni forces in the country and to support the bloody regime of Bashar al-Assad.

It is also clear that Russia not only conducts military operations in Syria, the victims of which have become tens of thousands, and millions were forced to flee to all parts of the globe to the West and the East, and is active in the international arena. To mention only the fact that Russia used veto power in United Nations eight times in the last time, rejecting any resolution aimed against the regime of Assad or just condemning his actions.

The last veto of Russia in the UN Security Council, which began a harmonious similarity of the two countries, was imposed on the international resolution condemning the heinous crime, which happened in Khan Sheyhun the result of the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian regime against civilians. Russia doubts that Assad was responsible. But if she was definitely sure of the innocence mode, she would have hastened to initiate the establishment of the Commission on investigation of this crime. However, it was announced that Russia, like her favorite child Bashar Assad, are the main suspects. Since I don’t think it is a chemical weapon banned under international agreements, was made the Assad regime — father or son, then, of course, is the external supply of Russia, and therefore, the formation of the inquiry Commission was given to both the accused party.

The similarity of the ideas, attitudes, methods and behavior. History of Russia since Czarist times full pages about the persecution and repression suffered by thousands of people of different Nations and religions, especially black were these pages after the failed revolution of 1905

We can’t forget the Russian crimes in Afghanistan during the Soviet occupation of this Muslim country. The result of this occupation was the emergence of the first terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda (banned in Russia — approx. ed.) who tried to fight the Russians for the freedom of their country, revenge the peoples of the world who supported the Soviets in their actions or were simply silent. We know that ISIL (banned in Russia — approx. ed), which affects our entire Arab world in recent years, is not that other, as “fragments of al-Qaeda”, one of its offshoots in Iraq, Syria and neighboring countries. This may explain the cause of the phenomenon “terrorism” and its promotion.

There are still a lot of bloody dirty connections between the two countries because they both destroyed thousands of souls who differed from them in belief or religious consciousness, which was opposed to the lawlessness and arbitrariness.

Thus, it is not limited to a banal figure of speech — paronomasia. Here there is a commonality of beliefs and crime.