What information cannot be published in social networks: five important tips

Social networks occupy an important role in the life of modern man. But, sometimes people forget that not all information can be published in open access.

For your safety and the safety of their families do not publish in social networks some personal data. Adherence to this simple advice will save you from many troubles, transmit “MSCI”.

1. Date of birth

We all feel happy when our midst a Facebook friends post congratulations on our pages. We see this as a sign of respect and indifference to his own person. After all, the man remembers our birthday and managed to find time to write a few kind words.

But the problem is that, indicating the date of birth, you provide the crooks of his personal information they need to “steal” your identity. Therefore, it is better not to include this information, because true friends know when your birthday is.

2. Marital status

No matter you have someone or not. To disclose information about his family situation is also not necessary, especially if you are a woman. Maniacs everywhere, and only waiting for the moment that you are informed about a divorce or a breakup. And if now you are alone, for them it works like a green light.

3. Location

Many users of social networks are fond of pointing to its location. So other know where they are, what sites are visited and how much time is delayed. So if you, for example, wrote in Facebook that he went on vacation, and even indicated how many days you are not home, this information will be a real boon for thieves.

Besides, you always have the option to specify the location where you were on the photos after you return home.

4. Information about what you do at home

This point applies especially to parents. They have to convince their children never to write about what they do at home.

It is wrong to think that access to our website, and therefore information, have just our friends. But you don’t know who is behind your friend, and reads what he is. So it best not to write on your page that you are alone at home.

5. Information about children

We love our children and are ready to share that happiness with the world. That’s just it there are many bad people, which is better anything about your child do not know.

Many people like to fast photos and videos with your children in social networks, tag them children of their friends and acquaintances. Some change their profile picture to a photo of the child, and 9 out of 10 parents fast full name, exact date and time of birth immediately after birth.

This information can benefit anyone, including pedophiles, to lure the child, to make him trust. Because the more someone knows about you, the more convincing it looks.

So if you do publish a photo of their child, at least not to specify personal information (name, date of birth). After all, the people close to you already know their names.