Russia uses the cooperation of law enforcement authorities of the CIS countries for hybrid war – Ukrainian Interpol

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Ukraine claim that Russia has turned the cooperation between law enforcement authorities of the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States in another form of hybrid war. About it on the expanded Board of the Ministry of interior with the participation of Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman said the head of the Ukrainian Bureau of Interpol Vasily Captivity.

According to him, the Ukrainian side made the right move in November 2015, when it ceased cooperation with the law enforcement agencies of the CIS countries.

As noted Slavery as the database of wanted persons between CIS countries was on the territory of the Russian Federation, after a while the collaboration was effectively terminated and became ineffective. In particular, due to the fact that the Russian side against the Ukrainian requests for legal assistance began to operate only selectively, and sometimes simply ignored the requests. “That is, in fact, it can be argued that in the field of law enforcement Russia has introduced elements of the hybrid war,” – said Bondage.

Earlier Vasily Captivity reported that certain results in cooperation with the Northern neighbour have been able to achieve. But this applies only to criminal offences, which can not affect the global strategy of the Russian Federation.