Russia just got kicked out of the list of the main enemies of America

Iran? Russia? Syria? Undoubtedly, the contenders for the title of the main enemy of America there is no shortage, however, given the flow of disturbing news that comes to Americans today, the fact that North Korea topped the list of US enemies should not surprise anyone.

According to the results of a survey conducted recently company YouGov, 57% of Americans consider North Korea an enemy of the United States is a much higher percentage compared to other countries. Second place went to Iran, the third — Syria, and Russia was in fourth place.

Based on the results of this survey blog Visual Capitalist made a map, which marked the opponents of the United States.

In another survey, which Gallup conducts since 2001, Americans were asked to name the main enemy of the United States. Iran ranked first in the list of enemies longer than any other country, from 2006 to 2012. North Korea, which now heads the list, was also named the main enemy of America in 2005.

This animated graph shows how the varied views of Americans about different countries.