The results of the week: the fall of the hryvnia and the increase in the price of alcohol


broke the mark of 29 UAH/ $ 1.

the rate of national currency in the cash market on Friday, January 13. The national Bank depreciation of the hryvnia is associated with the traditional first months of the year the seasonal downturn, which in particular is in a somewhat smaller inflow of revenue from exports of the crop of agricultural crops, the main source of foreign currency in the autumn months.


increased from January, the price of alcohol, the state enterprise “Ukrspirt”, and in March will increase by another 8%. According to the company, the last time the price of alcohol was increased in April last year (17-18%). After this, there was a rise in prices of raw materials – 14%, fuels and electricity by 24%.

UAH 100 million

achieved a return in 2016 to the state companies of the National anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU), also prevented the theft of about 0.5 billion UAH.

113 million of 753.5 thousand UAH

will receive from the state budget in 2017 to Finance the statutory activities of the “popular front”, “Poroshenko Block” – 103,6 million 112 thousand UAH, “Self” – 56 million 394,56 thousand UAH, “the Opposition bloc” – 48 million 467,7 ths. RPL – 38 million 257,9 thousand UAH, “Batkivshchyna” – 29 million 182,2 thousand UAH. According to the law, funds for this purpose distributes National Agency for prevention of corruption.

more by 2.48 billion

in 2016, the population has sold foreign currency in cash, than bought – said the NBU. Through the banks sold 3,223 billion dollars, and purchased 747 million In 2015, the population has sold to banks of currency in 1,548 billion dollars more than they bought.

57 billion UAH

made the balances of local budgets by the end of 2016, which is 21.9 billion, or 62%, higher than the rates at the end of 2015, according to the Ministry of Finance.

Photo: Finance Ministry

increased by 46.6%

units to 2085 for 2016 sales in Ukraine of new trucks with GVW over 3.5 tonnes, reported AUTO-Consulting. Became the leader of the Russian gas, increasing the implementation in 2.3 times – up to 349 units of Trucks KrAZ sold only 57 copies – 32% less than the year before.

decreased by 22.2%

natural gas reserves in underground storages since the beginning launched on 13 October the heating season and January 8 to 11 billion 459,56 million cubic meters This volume is less than in 2016 on the same date, but more than in 2015, According to the calculations of “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, at the end of the heating season in the vaults will still be 7-8 billion cubic meters and the unrecoverable volume of gas is 5-6 billion cubic meters.

6% less

than the previous year, Ukraine exported in 2016 confectionery – 219,5 thousand tons, reported by the GFS. In monetary terms, exports decreased by 10.5% to 350,2 million dollars. Import concisely in Ukraine in 2016 decreased by 5.5%, to 34.4 million tonnes, but in monetary terms it grew by 2.3% to 122,9 million dollars.

1.5 million biometric passports

for the departure of Ukrainians abroad issued by the State migration service in 2016. in addition, in 2016 the citizens of Ukraine has issued about 278 thousand ID cards of the new sample (ID cards).

2 million monetary compensation

received over the past year the new Board of the NBU. The Council was formed only in late October. The head of the Council Bohdan Danylyshyn received 349,661 thousand UAH. Council members received 312,855 thousand UAH. The money pays the Bank. The method of determining the remuneration of the members of the NBU Council was adopted by his own decision, but still not published.


1.7 times less

in annual terms, Ukraine in 2016 exported eggs in monetary terms – 45.49 million dollars, said the SFS. In real terms exports declined by 14.5 percent. The export of dry and liquid egg products increased by 7.8%, in monetary terms has decreased in 1,6 times, to 29,87 million dollars.

Of 23.07 million tons

grain Ukraine exported since the beginning of the 2016/2017 marketing year as of 6 Jan, reported Ministry of agrarian policy. In the past marketing year, export of 39.49 million tonnes of grain, which is 13.5% more than in the previous season. According to forecasts of the Ministry, grain exports this season (before July) can reach approximately 40 million tonnes.


more 31.6%

in annual terms, imported in Ukraine bananas – 191,98 million tons In monetary terms import grew by 7.7% to 133,15 million dollars. Major deliveries were carried out from Ecuador.

2.7 times more

in annual terms, in 2016, set for the export of apples, pears and quince, and 14.45 tons, In monetary terms, exports increased by 2.8 times – up to 3,145 million dollars. But the same imported products the 28.85 million tonnes, which is 50.8 per cent less than in 2015, imports decreased by 49.4% to 12.1 million dollars.

decreased in 8,5 times

to 3.2 thousand tonnes of pork exports from Ukraine in 2016, the Imports of pork fell by 24.3% – up to 2.8 tons

decreased by 1.8%

the production of electricity in the United energy system of Ukraine in 2016, in annual terms – up to 154,8 billion kWh, said the Ministry of energy.

decreased by 0.8%

electricity consumption in Ukraine in 2016 taking into account technological losses in networks up to 149,3 billion kWh Without taking into account losses consumption decreased by 0.9% – up to 117.7 billion kW*h. the Largest increase in consumption (that can speak about the revival of business activity) demonstrated food and processing industry (3.6 percent), building materials (6.6 per cent), construction (7.9%) and agricultural enterprises (5.2 percent).


made up the share of state sector in the economy of Ukraine in January-September, 2016, almost unchanged compared with the same period of 2015 – calculated in the Ministry of economy. The state’s share in the assets of the country is 27.4%, the public sector of the economy generates 14.6% of total net income.

The world

decreased by $ 320 billion

China’s foreign exchange reserves in 2016 because of the efforts of the people’s Bank of China to stabilize the RMB exchange rate, but their volumes still exceed $ 3 trillion. Record volume they reached in June 2014 – 4 trillion, the minimum was recorded in December 1980 to 2.26 billion.

slowed down to 6.9%

at the end of 2015 the growth rate of China’s GDP, the worst figure for the last 25 years. In 2016 the government has set the growth bar in the interval from 6.5% to 7%, it is expected that growth will be 6.7%.


rose 7 pieces

to 665 units in the first working week of the year the number of oil and gas rigs in the United States. This message led to the decline of stock prices of oil on 0,46-0,52%.

25.1 billion

done IPOs (126 companies) on the HkEx exchange in 2016 – she retained the title of world leader on this indicator. The number of transactions decreased by 8.7%, and the amount of borrowed funds decreased by 26% and was the lowest in eight years. On the second place by value of IPOs was Shanghai stock exchange ($16 billion), the third new York stock exchange (NYSE, $11,87 billion).

will increase by 3-7%

investment leading companies in the oil sector in 2017 Despite the increase, the amount will be 40% lower investment in 2014, However, experts believe that the oil field has passed the stage of survival, adapting to the low prices and now think about the resumption of growth.

550 thousand tons

in Tunisia harvested a record crop of oranges, but there is a danger that a significant proportion of fruit will have to be destroyed, because there are buyers. Over the past five years, the ceiling of the yield was 400 kt.