TOP 5 foods with unlimited shelf life

It is possible that we are needlessly thrown in the trash some food. Experts have named 5 varieties of products, the expiry date of which is not restricted, according to the health info.

1. The soy sauce. This sauce is full of salt which is a natural preservative. As long as the bottle of soy sauce is unopened, this product will be ready to eat and fresh even many years after you purchased it. Experts also emphasize that unpacked a bottle of soy sauce can be used for three years.

2. Sugar. Until then, until the sugar is kept in a cold container, protecting it from moisture, the shelf life unlimited. However, there are several indications that at home already sugar should not be consumed. For example, the hardening of the pellets, change their textures and colors.

3. Med. In fact, the term honey storage is unlimited, as this product has natural antimicrobial properties, allowing it to deteriorate. Although over time the sweetness is not very nice to eat because it kristallizuetsya, but still the honey remains edible.

4. White rice. Although wholegrain rice is useful for the intestines, and refined grains to be stored very long. Unprocessed carbs go bad in a few months, but white rice is saturated with preservatives. If you have not opened the package, the grain will withstand many years of storage.

5. Vinegar. Vinegar is often used as a preservative, because its shelf life is unlimited. Specialized Institute of vinegar in the United States claims that this liquid can’t spoil because it’s acidic by nature. Some believe that this package of vinegar shelf life is solely intended to make people throw away bottles and bought a new one.