“I love Crimea” for the money

The website Massovki is one of the many large and small organizers, which in recent days have to work particularly hard.

In the West portray Putin as the most powerful man in the world.

But when the President of Russia on Saturday invites you to a national holiday, he has either to pay or to order his subjects that they crowded the streets.

“Date: March 18, Moscow. The collection of the University. Duration 3-4 hours. The payment of 300 rubles,” says the site Massovki.

“We’ll pay you as soon as you come”, — said the organizer, when Aftenposten call the listed phone.

Very welcome, if someone will bring his wife and children.

Then the fee rises to 1 200 roubles.

The Kremlin defines the content of the slogans

On Saturday in all major Russian cities will celebrate the third anniversary of the annexation of Crimea.

In recent weeks, the Russian students gave clear indications about how they will have to spend a Saturday.

“To support the all-Russian Patriotic education of youth, we urge you to ensure the participation of 500 students, faculty and staff of the University in the event”, — wrote Putin the Governor of the rector of the University in Tomsk, in the Siberian TV channel TV2.

The students also received in the Kremlin the order on what slogans should be at the posters, waving on the streets:

“Putin — the Savior of the Crimea and Sevastopol!”

“Happy together and long live the Russian army”.

“I love Crimea”.

“You can replace the word “love” on the heart icon”, says the letter Putin appointed Governor.

At the University of Moscow was made by the representative of the Kremlin’s Department of internal Affairs and demanded that the students participated in the event.

The most “Patriotic” young people tired of her riding all the time on “national holidays”, as evidenced by numerous and very very heated discussion in Russian social media.

Three years after the annexation of Crimea

March 18 marks three years to the day, as Russia formally annexed Crimea through a so-called “referendum” on the Peninsula.

On Saturday footage of thousands of cheering Russians will dominate all news programmes on TV channels, led by the Kremlin.

Despite the propaganda, most Russians understand that a final bill for Crimea still not paid:

• The price of electricity and energy in the Crimea have soared. The situation in the field of energy is still not stable despite new pipeline, according to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

• Prices rose at least 40%, according to “Novaya Gazeta”.

• Ukrainian blockade and transportation problems made the Peninsula is entirely dependent on supply by sea and by air. There are signs you can judge that in the Crimea are quite strong dissatisfaction.

• In the rest of Russia, many react to the fact that in the Crimea poured billions of rubles.

• Recently, Crimea received a new mobile network 3G and LTE, salary increased from 15,000 to 24,000 rubles, while the living standards of most Russians is falling.

• The number of tourists is significantly lower than expected in Moscow. In 2016, the Crimea was visited by 5.6 million, as compared with 5.9 million in drama 2014.

• While Russia has invested in the Peninsula 380 billion rubles, but huge investments will continue. The most expensive new bridge.

The Peninsula is still controlled by the mafia, organized criminals and corrupt politicians, as then, when the Crimea was part of Ukraine.

The head of the Crimea wants to make Russia a monarchy

On Tuesday, the man whom Putin appointed “Prime Minister” of Crimea, and suggested Russia to become a monarchy.

“We don’t need democracy. In my opinion, today Russia needs a monarchy,” — said Sergey Aksenov.

“Without a clear command of the course occurs collective irresponsibility”.

He asked the President to provide several measures for establishing the “dictatorial” government, in particular, life election and the tightening of control.

Subsequently, Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov dismissed the suggestion, saying that “Vladimir Putin to similar ideas is without optimism.”

They are proud to have seized the Crimea

Although Crimea and forced to pay ordinary Russians for participating in demonstrations associated with the Crimea, there is no doubt that both Putin and the annexation of the Crimea continue to enjoy extremely high support.

According to the latest survey of public opinion, 86,1% happy with what Putin is doing.

43% of Russians said in a poll conducted by “Levada center”, “the return of the Crimea to Russia event in the history of Russia, which they are most proud of.

Only the Soviet victory in world war II?

It turns out that the annexation of the Crimea Russians are proud of more than the first flight into space of Yuri Gagarin and the world-famous Russian composers and writers.

Countdown in Ukraine

Enthusiasm during Saturday’s festivities in Moscow and all major Russian cities would probably be a little dimmed last trump’s statements about the Crimea.

In February, trump said that he “expects the Russian authorities to return Crimea”.

He continued, wrote on Twitter that Obama “has shown weakness in dealing with the Russians”.

Russian and the Kremlin were convinced that Putin and trump will become best friends. And so now the propaganda machine is confused.

Russian nationalists in Moscow lashed out at Putin’s TV Director and accuse him of “trampoline”, they require the strengthening of Patriotic propaganda in support of, in particular, Crimea.

This week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko imposed a total blockade of the territories under the control of the rebels, which could lead to a big impact.

In Kiev, the extreme nationalists held a series of protests and shut down the Russian banks in Kiev.

All this comes amid daily violations of the truce as Russian-backed rebels and Ukrainian army.