The highlights of the last program with the participation of 11 candidates

The last televised candidates ‘ forum on channel France 2 carried the imprint of shooting on the Champs Elysees, during which killed one policeman.

Candidates respond to an incident on the Champs Elysees

All candidates responded to the shootout, the message of which was voiced in the midst of the program. “The main task of the President to protect”. The leader of movement “Forward!” Emmanuel macron spoke first of all the candidates, at about 22:15. “This elusive threat will part of our lives in the coming years. I want to Express unconditional solidarity with our police,” he said.

“A nation in solidarity with the police. (…) The fight against terrorism should be the absolute priority of the new President of the Republic”, — noted in his turn, Francois Fillon, who canceled a scheduled Friday trip to Chamonix-Mont-Blanc (Haute-Savoie). A little later, the Republican candidate, to everyone’s surprise, demanded to suspend the campaign (officially it ends at midnight Friday) to “demonstrate solidarity with the police (…) and the French people, which is all the more worrying in the form of terrorist attacks”.

In conclusion, Jean-Luc Mélenchon said that is mentally with “the family of the deceased policeman and the families of the wounded.” “Criminals will not go unpunished, and their supporters will not forget”, — said the candidate “Rebellious France”, calling on all not to panic and to “remain single”.

The National front leader marine Le Pen said the “re-beginning a nightmare” and said that she was sorry that “our security forces who have to pay a high price”. “It fills me with quiet rage. Was not adopted all measures to protect our citizens,” she said.

In General, all candidates in the end of his speech paid tribute to the slain police officer.

Amon criticizes the Macron, Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Fillon

Candidates are asked to bring to the program subject which they would like to bring to the Elysee Palace. Socialist Benoit Hamon brought two like it needs double effort to catch up in the polls. The first was a map of social security, which is threatened by “those who want to reduce compensation” and pension reform. The second is the testimony of the voter to show the French that in their choice they need to start from “fact” and not from “marketing rhetoric, which was tailored to the audience.”

Then Amon (he occupies the fifth place in the polls) went on the offensive françois Fillon, Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

In conclusion, Amon expressed regret that the campaign was a series of “monologues”. “We could be a democratic debate. We live in a time when the show is so ahead of democracy that some candidates want to select journalists and questions that deviate from democratic discussion,” the hint for the Fillon, who canceled an interview with Le Monde, as she refused to answer questions about the ongoing investigation against him.

Nicolas DuPont-Aignan against “censorship of media”

The candidate of the party “Wake Up, France” Nicolas DuPont-Aignan, in turn, stressed that a “high-head French press”, a supporter of françois Fillon, invited him to refuse participation in the race in exchange for the removal of “censorship” in the media.

“I talked about the unbearable pressure to get me to withdraw, I had to abandon my beliefs,” he said. “Can I read you what he sent me high-head French press, standing on one of the candidates?” he said, showing the correspondence with this person. “I’m sick of this farcical democracy!”

In the past he had criticized the media controlled by the oligarchs, inequality relative to the allocated performance time. In March, he retired from the air TF1 to protest against the fact that he was not invited to the debate, which was attended by all five candidates. “You think macron would have appeared on so many magazine covers in recent months, if it does not serve anyone’s interests? All the French realized that there is a candidate pet!”

Makron’s sorry he “hurt people of Algeria”

A former banker, who is leading in the polls three days before the first round, tried to make a clarification on several points of his program. He noted that once again assess the situation with the rent before you make a final decision, and that tax status is tied to real estate.

In conclusion macron called himself a “warrior, fighter”. “I don’t tend to dwell on regrets, he replied to the question whether they had during the campaign. — I’m going to fight until the very last second until the last second to try to convince the undecided.

To the question about “errors” in recent months, macron has acknowledged that “hurt people, particularly over the war in Algeria”. During a trip to the country he called colonization a “crime against humanity”. “Unfair words regrettable”, he admitted on Thursday evening.

Mélenchon: “I am against chaos.”

Candidate “Rebellious France” defended the idea of holding a referendum on the recall of MPs, assuring that it will not entail instability, because the French don’t like “to turn everything upside down.” The French want “the stability of institutions, and I agree with that, I am against chaos.”

With regard to the constituent Assembly for drafting the Constitution of the Republic VI, Mélenchon said that it will partially consist of members, and partly from chosen by lot of people. “People are not fools, and not fools,” he said, admitting that initially, you may need the proposal of the President or the government.

Le Pen: “Security and terrorism were not discussed in the campaign”

As in the last days of the campaign, marine Le Pen has focused on security and immigration. “Security and terrorism were not discussed during the campaign,” she said, noting several items of his program.

“We need to take control of national borders to create 15 thousand additional seats in the gendarmerie and police to expand the staff of customs officers. We must fight against communitarianism, to remove a potential threat of people. Now there are about 17 thousand, 10 thousand of which are associated with Islamic fundamentalism”.

Candidate natsfronta repeated proposals that caused controversy this week, and assured that if power was she could to avoid the attacks of 2015 and 2016. “All foreigners convicted of crimes of varying severity, must return to their homeland, she said. — I demand the abolition of jus soli. French citizenship can be obtained only by inheritance or by merit.”

François Fillon is the anti-terrorist Arsenal

During his presentation, françois Fillon tried to present himself as a defender who will save France from jihadist threats, and long painted his plan to combat “Islamic terrorism”.

At the international level the candidate the “Republicans” confirmed the diplomatic line of a rapprochement with Moscow. He reiterated the need to form “an international coalition to eliminate the” jihadist groups, including with Russia and Iran.

Internally, the former Prime Minister has submitted its anti-terrorist Arsenal: in addition to the deprivation of French citizenship of those who went to Jihad, he stated his desire “to prohibit movements that belong to Salafism and the “Muslim brotherhood” (an organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.).

In addition, he insisted on preventative detention of those who have been marked as a potential threat: “it is Necessary that all who are clearly a danger was apprehended, to be investigated and to be tried for collusion with the enemy, if they proved their links with the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.). Another priority, he called the fight against the rise of fundamentalism that is gaining momentum in the Muslim community of France.