About the abilities of a child to read can be recognized by DNA – scientists

Whether reading easily be given to a child, you can find out DNA. This is reported by British scientists, published its findings in the journal Scientific Studies.

During the study, scientists have identified about 20 thousand variants of DNA, characteristic of children who are easily given the teaching of reading. To do this, they analyzed the DNA associated with success in school, 5825 children 7-14 years participating in the twin study of early development.

The researchers then compared the results with the abilities of these children to read. The results showed that compliance with certain gene variants and increased reading ability persisted even when adjusted for social and economic status of parents and mental abilities of the child.

Although from gene the ability to read depend only on the 5% that’s still quite a lot, the researchers note. For example, from the floor they are less than 1%.

The team also noted that the information will be useful when working with children who have difficulty learning to read.